Like yourself, extremely low temperatures are also not very convenient for your precious vehicle. From getting stuck in deep snow to experiencing an unfathomable breakdown in the middle of nowhere, drivers report numerous issues in the winter. But with Calgarian winters with temperatures as low as -12°C to -13°C, the issues are amplified even more.

Clearly, Canadian winters, especially Calgarian ones, are quite a challenge for drivers. No matter how hard you try to avoid winter problems, they are bound to occur in one way or the other. While we believe prevention is definitely better than a cure, we also recommend that a timely cure is the best way to avoid further misfortune in the event of a breakdown or collision.

In simpler words, we are with you on the point that you can handle the basic maintenance and inspection of your car. Thus, you should do all it takes to prepare your vehicle for winter and avoid any winter-related problems. Nonetheless, there are situations that mandate the services of a professional roadside assistance provider. On such occasions, we would highly recommend that you do not take matters into your own hands.

When temperatures are freezing cold, and your car breaks down or experiences a mishap, the situation’s pressure and the weather’s severity may overpower your better judgment. Thus, you might worsen the problem rather than solve it.

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Wise people are heard saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. As a professional towing company, we would say a problem shared with experts is a problem completely eradicated.

So today, we will explore the situations in winter that mandate professional roadside assistance services.

Your Battery Might Die

Despite their ultra-modern design and sophisticated functionality, contemporary vehicles remain vulnerable to extreme temperatures to a great extent. When a vehicle is exposed to extremely low temperatures, its battery bears the biggest impact.

Vehicle batteries are not designed to operate at freezing temperatures. In fact, experts note that a car battery loses about 25% to 30% of its efficiency or strength when temperatures fall to 0°C. Well temperatures can drop as low as -30°C at times in Calgary, so just imagine what happens to your battery at that temperature.

Thus, if your car refuses to start when you want to rush home after work, the most likely reason is a dead battery. However, instead of relying on an unknown nearby mechanic, request professional battery boosting from a reputed roadside assistance provider.

Frozen Locks

The last thing anyone would love to experience on a cold winter morning is being locked out of their own car. Unsurprisingly, such occurrences are most common in the winter. Normal lockouts occur as the owner forgets their keys inside their vehicle and cannot open the door.

But in winter, this problem results from extremely low temperatures that cause the door handles and locks to get jammed. Many people suggest that de-icers will work well to solve this problem. But if a de-icer doesn’t work, do not experiment with hairpins or any other such item.

Instead, call for lockout services from a reputed towing company in Calgary.

Low Tire Pressure

A battery is not the only part of a vehicle affected by frigid weather. Tires bear a similar effect. Normally, tires burst or deflate when the air inside escapes through holes. But in winter, low tire pressure occurs because the air inside the tire condenses. A worldwide accepted rule of thumb is that tire pressure drops by one PSI for every ten degrees drop in temperature.

However, it is difficult to tell whether the low pressure is resulting from air escape or condensation. The best way to find out is by having a representative of a towing company inspect it.

Frozen Fluids

Although modern full-synthetic motor fluids boast a low freezing point, they may lose their viscosity or freeze altogether if the vehicle is left outside in frigid temperatures. Usually, the most apparent sign of this problem is when your car refuses to start despite your enduring efforts.

If you live in Calgary or anywhere in Canada, don’t leave your car out in the cold overnight. If you do and your car doesn’t start, let a professional have a look at it.

Spark Plug Problems

The condensed air and excessive moisture in the form of snow often accelerate the corrosion process of a vehicle. This phenomenon often results in failed spark plugs if a car is too old and is not serviced frequently. If you own an old car, a failed spark plug may leave you stranded on the road this winter with a reputed roadside assistance provider as your only hope.

Slips Due To Ice

Despite switching to winter tires, drivers still lose control over their vehicles in winter due to slippery roads. As a result, you might find yourself off the road in a ditch or stuck in deep snow. This kind of situation necessitates reliable winching services from a roadside assistance company.


Lastly, loss of control due to ice on the road also results in many accidents and collisions. Although we hope and pray that no one ever encounters such a situation, we would emphasize that you rely on trustworthy incident management service providers if such a problem occurs.

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