Have you ever considered doing a DIY tow and how challenging it can be? Undeniably, it’s quite difficult. It’s more challenging than it seems to tow a car. Several factors need to be considered to successfully tow a car or any other vehicle.

To make sure that the towing goes off without a hitch and any other issues, you must have the appropriate tools and a wealth of experience. For peace of mind, it is suggested that you hire an experienced towing company. It is not a task that should be attempted by amateurs because towing a vehicle requires professional knowledge.

Here is a list of compelling reasons why DIY towing is irrational and could have serious consequences.

Inadequate Access To The Appropriate Equipment

Towing services have a vast range of connecting equipment for their tow trucks, the majority of which is not widely available to the general public and needs years of training to use properly. In comparison, it is possible to purchase a tow line and a limited selection of hitches for do-it-yourself towing. However, when used incorrectly, they can seriously harm the towing vehicle, its load, and other cars on the road.

If the connection between the two cars or between the vehicle and the trailer is not secure, the best-case scenario is that damage is restricted to the bumpers; the worst-case scenario is that the load disconnects during transportation and creates an accident that endangers other drivers.

Increased Damage And Injury Risks

Some clients are reluctant to call a towing service because they are afraid their car or belongings will be harmed during loading or transportation. However, the chances of it occurring in the hands of a skilled towing company are slim to none.

When a newbie performs a tow using store-bought or improvised towing equipment, the dangers are significantly greater. In fact, by attempting to handle the towing procedure themselves, DIY runs the danger of injuring themselves and others, in addition to their vehicles.

Amateur “tow operators” may get injuries when fastening or lifting the car, unloading it at its destination, or anyplace in between if they lack the necessary tools or training, making you responsible.

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Dangerous Driving

To tow properly, the driver must be able to maneuver the car being pulled, which adds more weight and length. Towing specialists are qualified and skilled in safe driving techniques such as making extra wide turns and taking additional measures when pulling uphill or downhill.

An inexperienced driver trying a do-it-yourself tow is unlikely to be aware of these tactics and cautions. Their lack of expertise increases the likelihood of an accident, car damage, and perhaps catastrophic injury.

Exceeding The Maximum Towing Capacity

Tow trucks are built particularly to transport other automobiles. The maximum gross vehicle weight rating of a tow truck, which serves as a benchmark for how much weight the vehicle can hold during a single tow, is influenced by specialized axles, frames, engines, and other equipment.

The majority of regular automobiles lack the power or accessories required for towing, but even those that do shouldn’t necessarily be used for any sort of do-it-yourself towing project. This is due to the possibility that if the maximum towing capacity is disregarded, the towing vehicle might sustain significant internal damage.

When the weight of the load is greater than what the towing vehicle is capable of supporting, it may damage the engine, brakes, and transmission and endanger the driver on the road.

3 Major Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Towing Service

Hiring a professional towing company will give you these three major advantages over DIY towing.

Managing Accident Crises

Mishaps can arise at any time due to the nature of roads and highways. This is why it’s crucial to have the phone number of a trustworthy towing company on hand in case of an emergency.

24/7 Service

Midnight drivers may travel without worry since they know that even if they unavoidably get into an accident on the road, a company that offers 24-hour roadside assistance services will easily transport their car to a nearby servicing location.

Expert Service

When your car breaks down unexpectedly, you need the expertise to handle it; else, you risk exacerbating the situation. Competent towing companies have sufficient pulling equipment to assist you in towing your vehicle to a nearby garage.

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