Like humans, cars also need special care and attention every now and then to ensure their health. An improperly maintained and neglected car can cause several issues, one of which is stopping in the middle of the road without any prior warning.

We understand that being stranded in the middle of a highway can be scary and frustrating at the same time. In such situations, towing plays an important role in helping you get out of the situation and transferring the car to a safe location, either decided by the towing company or you.

A professional towing company can help ease the process of a vehicle breakdown and handle this technical task with better experience and attention. However, the towing process is not void of technical mistakes, with some being more hazardous than others.

Hence, to raise awareness about the things that could go wrong, we have curated this blog post to help you stay vigilant in case you have to hire towing services.

Using Inappropriate Vehicles

Every vehicle used for towing comes with a certain rating. If you ignore the rating and put more load on the vehicle, this can lead to overheating the engine.

The overheating can immensely damage the engine as well as other parts of the vehicle. If this mistake is made, the saviour will need saving.

Therefore, it is always important to make sure that the vehicle can tow other vehicles and will not affect the process. It must have enough engine power, suitable tires, and the required equipment to take the car safely.

Not Following Local Regulations

Local regulations are required to be followed to ensure the safety of the roads and the other drivers. Failing to comply with local regulations can get you in big trouble and also make you pay fines.

For example, some countries require you to have a proper towing driver’s licence. Without it, you are not allowed to tow any car or vehicle on the road. Therefore, it is mandatory to check that your towing company follows the local regulations and rules set by the country. Any negligence in following those rules can get you and your company in trouble and waste your money.

Not Checking Vehicle Ratings

A vehicle rating tells you how much load it can carry. If you try to tow a vehicle beyond that weight, you will damage both the towed car and the towing vehicle. It is always necessary to know gross vehicle weight rating, gross axle weight rating, and gross combination weight rating if you are going to tow. These ratings will tell you whether the vehicle is suitable to tow or not.

Not Hiring Professionals

Another mistake that many people make to save their money is to attempt towing on their own. This is a bad idea as you are not only going to damage both vehicles, but you can also end up in a dangerous accident. Therefore it is always better to choose professionals for such issues and assist you with this matter.

Under-inflated Tires

Under-inflated tires mean you are welcoming a lot of trouble. Towing a vehicle with underinflated tires means that you will not have a grip on the road which might lead to rollovers or blowouts. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the tire pressure is at the right level before attempting to tow any vehicle or trailer with it.

Final thoughts

Towing a vehicle is not an easy job, and it is better to leave it to professionals who have the required types of equipment, trailers, and properly maintained vehicles that can tow safely. Complicated towing tasks can be performed with great ease and confidence if you have the right equipment and approach. Therefore it is always better to hire a professional towing company that can assist you in every towing phase.

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