When it comes to selecting a trailer to haul your construction equipment, you have plenty of options to choose from. It is not an easy task, especially when you are transporting the equipment to and from a construction site with the help of your trailers.

Here the importance of choosing the right trailer to haul the equipment is important. To make sure you don’t go wrong in selecting the right trailer, the blog explains how to pick the right towing trailer for hauling heavy equipment.

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Choose The Right Size Trailer

Getting a towing truck that is the right size for the job is key to safe and uninterrupted equipment transportation. When you choose a tow truck that is smaller in size as compared to the equipment that it is intended to tow, it is a gamble. You can have severe accidents due to disbalancing damaging your equipment, and posing threats to others on the road.

Similarly, tow trucks are rarely easy on your pocket. So hiring a tow truck larger than your needs is nothing but a waste of money. Moreover, larger tow trucks take more time on the road, and your construction site can experience delays in its schedule due to the non-availability of equipment.

Apart from this, you need to know about the operator and then demand the size of the tow truck from the company. For instance, most excavators have a travel or transportation mode, and entering this mode makes the machine shrink its size. However, many operators don’t want to go into all the hassle of converting into travel mode. So, don’t just measure the equipment and demand the tow truck; rather, pay attention to small extraneous details and make an informed decision.

Know Where You Are Going To Haul Your Equipment

As a construction company, it is possible that you will need equipment hauling services for long distances. While it impacts the overall method, time, charges, and procedure of the service, it also makes you ponder on changing landscapes and laws.

Towing regulations differ and change from state to state, so before selecting a tow truck, know your destination. You want to make sure that you have the right capacity, accepted types of axles, and the location of the axles is also correct; many state regulations can stop and fine you if these features are not according to their standards.

Can One Trailer Do It All

Often construction companies due to their recurring towing needs, will buy a trailer of their own. When you think about it superficially, this looks like a profitable business approach. However, to be more practical, this investment might not be a great decision. Why?

Well, this is because not all types of equipment can be towed using the same trailer. Hence, saving and having a trusted towing company at your side is advisable to provide you with the needed hauls. You can work on a contractual basis with your towing partners. Doing so will give you the leverage of using the tow trailers that match the needs of every piece of equipment instead of risking lives by towing all with a solely owned trailer.

Other Technicalities To Ponder Upon

Other things you might want to consider before selecting the trailer for your equipment include the deck height and the transmission versions of the truck.

Low deck tow trucks, as per the simple physics rule, lower the center of gravity and eases the load on it. This means there are fewer chances of falls and heavy machines sliding down the deck.

Similarly, hydraulic models use a hydraulic press system to lower and lift the equipment during loading and unloading. While the manual needs a lot of skilled labour and time. So, depending on your needs, choose the best you can get within your resources.

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