To an outsider watching a vehicle be loaded onto a tow truck moving on the road, equipment hauling may seem like a straightforward task some might end up terming it as easy too. However, operators, towing professionals, fleet managers, manufacturers, and dealers know the inner story better. Hauling is a complicated process. Operators need to analyze the intended load, road conditions, and several other factors. They also need to decide on the type of truck that can best handle the equipment loads.

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To minimize cost and enhance efficiency, operators depend on the dealers and manufacturers to help them identify the correct type of tow trucks to safely and legally transport the intended equipment load.

Working on these things gives operators and managers a wealth of information and experience for dealing with unprecedented and confusing situations. Inexperienced people usually don’t know where to start the equipment hauling process, but for the experts, it is an easy feat – always start with the load.

To get the wheels turning successfully, this blog post tries to answer the most common questions about equipment hauling.

How Does The Capacity Factor Come Into Play?

In ideal situations, a 55-ton trailer is capable of hauling a 55-ton equipment load. However, only a towing and equipment hauling veteran can guide and tell you that there are several other factors that determine the capacity of a trailer.

To select the safest trailer, the operating officers will ask a lot of questions. This may include detailed descriptions of the measurement and features of the equipment, the distance needed, and the number of d-rings.

Knowing these things ahead of time will speed up the sizing process and allow the operators to have a loaded trailer that meets all the safety standards and requirements of the intended job.

What Specialty Features Are Important?

When looking for a hauling truck the unique features that make a specific model or manufacturer better than other models, depending on the intended use, includes things like a hydraulic beaver tail or an in-depth winch. While others are important for durability, productivity, and safety.

Whenever analyzing the special features of trailers start with the basics. Good manufacturers use lightweight quality steel of 100000 psi which increases the holding and weight bearing capacity without having a major increase in the trailer’s weight.

Oversized Loads

Safety is the major concern of all the parties involved when hauling heavy equipment. Whether the manufacturers are transporting them to the market or delivering them, the need is to deliver them without any damage. This is the reason why manufacturers, dealers, and operators pay special attention to the right type of trailer.

The easiest way to ensure safety in such a vulnerable task is to set a higher standard with capacity ratings. Therefore, it is best to understand the permits required for an oversized load. Top-tier equipment hauling experts are concerned with the safety of equipment, operators, payload, and most importantly of the others on the road.

This is the reason why special attention is paid to overloads. A single overload might not disturb the functionality of the trailer but it will surely decrease the safety levels and put unnecessary stress on the trailer’s components.

However, remember that adding extra axles, extenders, and weights will not increase the capacity of the trailer. So after adding extenders and axles don’t try to add extra loads on to the trailers to stay within the capacity limits to keep the hauling safe.

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