Having your vehicle towed is never easy. The fact that your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere is annoying, and waiting for a tow truck is much more so, but things could get worse – your car could be significantly damaged during the towing procedure.

Not everyone is aware that hauling a broken-down car can result in further damage, in addition to whatever caused the breakdown. As a result, you should ensure your car is safe for towing, or else you could face more damage.

Even though it is advised to use professional towing services , even the smallest amount of carelessness on your part could result in damage. Check out these essential tips to avoid having your vehicle damaged while being towed:

Release The Emergency Brake

When you call for a towing service , you know your car isn’t going anywhere on its own, so you put the brake on. However, if the car is pulled using the typical two-wheels-on-the-road technique, it can be damaged. When you let off the brake, the car is safe to tow with two wheels on the road, guaranteeing that your brakes are not damaged.

This can also be done in the park, but when working with an automatic gearbox, you must ensure that the non-driving wheels are on the ground. Manual transmission cars can be hauled on any wheel with the brakes down when in the park.

As the wheels are not on the road when being carried on a flatbed, the brakes are less of a concern, but you should make sure they are turned off when the vehicle is lifted – a reputable tow truck driver should advise you of this.

Check Your Transmissions Position

Your vehicle has two transmission modes: automatic and manual. Vehicles with automatic transmissions can tow while in neutral as long as the non-driving wheels are on the road. You can tow any car with a manual gearbox.

Keep in mind that considerable damage can occur if the destination is far away; nevertheless, the car can be towed safely on two wheels with the gearbox in neutral. If you need your vehicle hauled a longer distance, you should hire a flatbed tow truck.

Make Sure All Windows Are Up

When getting towed, it’s easy to ignore the need to wind up all of the windows in the car. This prevents dust and debris from being kicked up from the rear of the tow truck and entering the car, which might cause upholstery damage and necessitate cleaning.

Remember to roll up all of your windows before giving over your vehicle to be towed. Keeping the windows up will prevent dust and debris from entering your vehicle while it is being towed.

Choose The Right Kind Of Tow Truck

The tow truck must be the correct type for each kind of automobile. A standard flatbed tow truck should not be used to tow front-wheel-drive automobiles. Instead, a tow vehicle capable of lifting the front wheels off the ground is required. If you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, it will most likely fit on a flatbed tow truck. To discover how to tow your specific model, consult the owner’s handbook.

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Check Your Vehicle Before Towing

The first step in avoiding damage during a tow is to inspect your vehicle beforehand. Make sure all fluid levels are full and your fuel tank is at least halfway full. Before towing, you should also ensure that all of your car’s technical components are in good operating condition.

This way, if there is any damage during the tow, you know it was not caused by the automobile itself.

Take Pictures Of Your Car

It is usually a good idea to take pictures before handing your vehicle over to be towed. With most of us carrying a smartphone in our pockets, it’s easy to take some quick photos of the state of the vehicle before it’s picked up by the tow truck.

This provides some protection in the event that your car sustains damage. While it will not prevent it from happening, it will provide documentation that your automobile was damaged while being towed.

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