Traffic accidents are a common occurrence worldwide. Despite the tight road laws and safety measures in developed countries like Canada, fate always finds a way in. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that roadside accidents are a leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 5 and 29. In total, traffic accidents take 1.35 million precious lives every year.

Despite authorities like the Transportation Safety Board Of Canada, the Canada Safety Council , and the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals , 2022 witnessed 1745 deaths and 101572 injuries resulting from road accidents.

What does this mean?

It simply means laying regulations and delegating responsibilities is just not enough if the public does not make an effort at an individual level. Likewise, there is a dire need for not just preventive but also corrective measures, such as proper incident management services, to reduce the adverse impacts of a traffic incident.

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As a professional towing company well-versed in incident management and roadside assistance, no one has seen and dealt with accident scenes closer than us. For this reason, we have seen situations turn disastrous as a result of post-accident mistakes. Sometimes, the accident itself does not cause casualties, but the events that follow can be fatal. For instance, if a driver flees an accident scene in a panic, there is a high chance they might collide with something else due to overspeeding.

So in today’s blog, we will enlighten our readers about the right courses of action to follow when they encounter an accident and the role of incident management services in such situations.

Keep Calm

This cardinal rule guarantees a swift and amicable resolution to every conflict. As accentuated earlier, panic worsens a situation as it leads to blurred decision-making and impaired judgments. Although your emotions may be hard to get under control in such frightful situations, having this tip at the back of your mind will surely help.

So when you encounter an accident, take a deep breath and let your heartbeat become normal before reacting to anything.

Do Not Run

Running away always seems like the perfect plan whenever a human is stuck in a difficult situation. However, we recommend otherwise. Running away only depicts you as a culprit and you will be rendered guilty before any investigation or analysis of the situation. Thus, even if the person with whom you had a collision is out of control and enraged, maintain patience and do not flee the scene.

Ensure Your Vehicle And Its Occupants Are Out Of Danger

Before leaving your vehicle, ensure everyone inside is safe and secure. If you have companions, ask if any person sustained an injury or is not feeling well. Make sure everyone else also calms down. Then, if your vehicle is in driving condition, take it off the road to avoid any more mishaps.

Call The Police

Often spectators will do this task for you even before you think of it or ask anyone to do it. But if you, unfortunately, incur an accident in a deserted area, then the responsibility of this task will rest in your hands to ensure the safety of yourself and the other person involved. If you have suffered severe injuries, then it is essential for you to get in touch with the relevant authorities to request help.

Request Medical Assistance

Never refuse medical aid even if it looks like you haven’t incurred any visible injuries or the wounds seem trivial. We have seen numerous cases whereby the drivers or the people with them do not feel physical pain due to shock. However, their injuries worsen over time because of not being treated promptly, leading to unimaginably severe health conditions.

So put your health over everything else and request medical help if no one else calls for it.

Avoid Responsibility Back-And-Forths

Another major post-accident problem that leads to many aggressive fights is roadside accusations and blame-shifting. In this regard, all we can say is do not invite problems that don’t even exist in the first place. You already have a lot on your plate, don’t overburden yourself with more problems.

Leave the discussion on who is responsible for later.

Request Incident Management Services From A Reputed Towing Company

Lastly, request incident management services from a highly reputed and reliable towing company. Although numerous towing service providers are available in Calgary, not all of them offer incident management services. While regular towing companies can help tow your damaged car to your desired location, an incident management service provider will handle the situation from A to Z.

An accident manager will draft a fool-proof plan, gather the relevant equipment, respond to the needs of the situation, and restore traffic flow as soon as possible. So towing is not all you need to ask for when there is an accident.

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