Vehicle breakdowns are quite common and in numerous situations, the driver will have to call for a tow truck. Depending on the situation your car is in, towing your car can be very difficult.

During our time as towing service providers , we have realized that towing a car from a low-clearance parking garage is one of the most difficult tasks. Getting your broken-down vehicle out of an underground parking garage is much more difficult than being stranded on the road.

Underground towing is different from other types of towing as special equipment and towing trucks are required to deal with such vehicles. In this blog post, we will thoroughly discuss the various aspects of underground towing to get your vehicles out of low-clearance parking garages.

Common Situations That Require Underground Towing Services

You will need professional underground towing services when your vehicle is stuck in a basement-level parking garage or some other type of underground building. Some of the common reasons why your vehicle may break down in an underground establishment are:

  • Flat tires.
  • The battery of your vehicle dies, and you need professional jump-start services
  • Harsh weather conditions have caused damage to the vehicle’s engine and other components.
  • Your vehicle got hit by another vehicle in the parking lot

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Types Of Tow Trucks Used In Underground Towing

Tow trucks come in many different forms and specifications. The benefit of having such extensive types of tow trucks is that they are capable of dealing with different types of vehicles in different situations.

A flatbed tow truck is definitely not suitable for underground towing due to its size and lack of flexibility. Generally, light/medium tow trucks and wheel lift tow trucks are used in professional underground services.

1. Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel lift tow trucks are the most common types of tow trucks used in underground towing. These trucks are capable of towing all kinds of vehicles, such as small trucks, and SUVs, from low-ceiling parking lots.

A specialized wheel lift tow truck is capable of lifting a vehicle on two wheels. The powerful hydraulic metal arm provides significant stabilization to the vehicle being towed. As a result, there is a minimum safety risk in underground towing with wheel lift tow trucks.

The flexibility of wheel lift tow trucks has made them quite popular for towing in different types of situations. These trucks have an arm that is parallel to the ground that flattens on the ground to allow the vehicle to be placed on it.

After the vehicle wheels are correctly placed on the wheel lift tow trucks, they are then cradled to ensure maximum safety. The driver uses remotely operated hydraulics to increase the height of the brackets and arm from the ground. Once the two wheels are up in the air, it is securely moved from the spot, such as the parking space, to its desired destination.

2. Light/Medium Tow Trucks

Light and medium tow trucks can also be used for underground towing in some situations. The size of such trucks is similar to any other ordinary truck. They have a stinger attached to the base to lower or raise the vehicles by attaching the stinger to the broken-down vehicle.

However, light/medium tow trucks are less common for underground towing than wheel lift towing as the risk of vehicle damage by such trucks is quite high. In order to avoid damage, towing trucks make sure that the stinger is low enough to maintain a proper angle while shifting the vehicle from the parking area.

A significant benefit of using light/medium tow trucks is that they are often capable of fitting into tight and low-roof garage spaces quite easily. Ultimately, the choice between light tow trucks and wheel lift tow trucks is made by the experts according to the specific situation and type of vehicle.

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