One of the most common concerns for drivers is running out of fuel or getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Since, in some cases, these situations become unavoidable, you should always have the contact information of a roadside assistance service provider handy.

Many a time, drivers find themselves stranded on the road because they have run out of gas. Now, you should always ensure you have enough gas heading out. But sometimes things just happen, and blaming yourself will not help you. Instead, concentrate on what you can do to get yourself out of the situation. When your car runs out of fuel on the highway, the best thing to do is pull over to the side of the road, determine your location, and contact a roadside assistance company.

Read on to learn what to do and what not to do if your car runs out of gas.

Pull Over As Soon As The Engine Begins To Fail

Many drivers are unaware of how damaging running out of gas can be to their vehicles. If you keep driving despite the engine sputtering, air and dirt might enter the fuel lines and cause the fuel pump to malfunction.

If your gas tank’s warning light has been on for a while and you detect a lack of acceleration when you push the gas pedal, pull over without accelerating further. It’s uncomfortable to be stuck without petrol, but it’ll be even more aggravating if you also have to perform a major repair on your automobile.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

Try to steer your automobile to a safe location on the side of the road with what little power is available in the engine. Pull as far to the left as you can and instantly turn on your hazard lights.

Determine Your Location

It’s time to gather your senses after your car has stopped. This is sometimes the most stressful element of running out of gas: you never know where you’ll break down. On a highway, keep an eye out for mile markers, exit signs, or anything else that shows you where you are along the route.

If you’re in the city, search for street signs to help you find the specific intersection. You may also use your phone’s map app to find your location.

Call For Emergency Help

If you have local friends or family members who can assist you, contact them and request a delivery for a few gallons of gas. If you have a roadside assistance plan, inform them of your circumstances. Call the police if you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle’s location.

Even if you are out of cell phone range, your 911 call will be forwarded to the nearest police station. Try not to consume all your phone’s battery while waiting, just in case you need it again.

Contact A Towing Service That Provides Fuel Delivery

Contact a reputable towing company in your area that offers fuel delivery services alongside other roadside assistance services. The tow truck driver will put enough gas in your tank to get you safely to the next gas station.

Make sure the fuel delivery service knows what type of fuel your vehicle requires. If not, request that they bring a gas can and patiently wait for them to pick you up and drive you to the nearest gas station.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

The easiest way to deal with running out of fuel is to avoid it in the first place. Being cautious is the simplest way to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road. Unless you have a modern car that can tell you how far it can go before running out of gas, don’t risk it.

Get a fill-up as soon as you can if you’re running low on fuel. The precise distance you can travel on an empty tank varies quite a bit and depends on several variables, including slope, weight, speed, and weather.

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