Undoubtedly, being left stranded on the road unexpectedly is not an experience anyone would relish. However, our over-dependency on mechanization and machines such as cars make such occurrences common. No matter how luxurious, expensive, or well-crafted your automobile is, a breakdown is a fated reality because it is a mechanical being.

Thus, it is unwise and dangerous to entirely dismiss the possibility of a breakdown. If you are not careful and mentally unprepared for such an event, a sudden occurrence may cause panic, further worsening the situation.

You might be wondering how the above discussion is relevant to the topic at hand. Well, your state of mind when your car abruptly breaks down and the closeness of your expectations to reality will ultimately determine your course of action. As a reputed towing company in Calgary , we have seen numerous trivial mishaps turn into deadly disasters due to seemingly minor mistakes.

Trust us when we say that the mentality of thinking you are immune to breakdowns is more dangerous than you think. We have witnessed the scenes in person. Till now, we have shared tons of educational guides and blogs on how to handle vehicle breakdowns and the right steps to take. But for the purpose of today’s blog post, we have compiled a list of the mistakes you should never do when your car breaks down.

We know that some people do not even count some of the actions mentioned below as mistakes.

Abrupt Stops

Panic is your biggest enemy on the road. If you let it take over, it will lead you to your doom. A grave mistake drivers make in a state of panic is suddenly stopping amid full traffic. The latter could be extremely dangerous as the drivers behind you do not know your situation. This mistake can result in serious collisions unless fate is really fond of you.

Of course, it is not your fault if your car abruptly stops without warning. Nevertheless, a vehicle often shows signs of a breakdown before it gives up. Take those seriously and drive out of traffic.

Utter Dismissal

Another ironic mistake drivers commit is ignoring the issue when the signs are apparent. Know that if you intentionally keep on driving when there is a problem, you are not only gambling on your vehicle’s safety but also yours and that of others on the road.

Remaining Inside The Car

If you are unable to get the car out of the way of the road, staying inside the vehicle is extremely dangerous. A preoccupied driver may hit your car, and you may sustain severe injuries as a result. Thus, we recommend that you immediately vacate the car and stand out of the way of approaching traffic until you get help.

Exiting From The Wrong Side

But people also commit a huge error when exiting their cars. In a hurry, they often open the door nearest to the traffic and exit the vehicle. Remember that another driver driving at a speed of eighty km/h isn’t aware that your car broke down trying to come out of it. Honestly, the results could be worse than what comes to mind.

Standing Next To The Car

Even if your car is parked on the side, never stand next to it. Numerous instances are recorded on CCTV cameras, where a distracted driver smashes into a car parked on the side of the road.

Accepting Uncalled Help

Roadside assistance scams are not a hypothesis. Therefore, never accept help from a company or its representative if you didn’t ask for it in the first place. Instead, request towing services from a trusted tow truck company.

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Also, never flag down people for help. We are not saying that everyone is a scammer, but it is better to be skeptical and alert.

Rushing For The Triangle

Your safety is more important than placing the triangle to alert other drivers. Thus, you must first ensure your safety and think of the vehicle afterward. Just turn on your emergency lights as a precaution.

Calling Friends Instead Of A Tow Truck Company

It is okay to call a friend or a relative to let them know of your circumstances, but relying on them for help is unwise. Your friend or relative is not a towing professional. Thus, their help might result in further damage.

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