Common Roadside Assistance Scams And How To Avoid Them

Compared to 2020, 2021 has been a bit tame and less eventful. While 2020 brought with it the bad news of a deadly virus, 2021 introduced the world to a glimpse of hope in the shape of a vaccine that works against Covid-19. Finally, the year ended as everyone embraced the new normal and decided to give life another chance. However, amidst all this, opportunists never missed a beat to take unfair advantage of the situation.

At a time when the world craved unison and support, global fraud surged at an unimaginable rate. From rising credit card frauds in the United States to the unbelievable online shopping scams in the UK, the stories shook everyone from head to toe.

Despite the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s timely warnings, Canada also fell prey to these scams. Honestly speaking, our towing industry is not an exception to this harsh reality. Every now and then, we often hear vehicle owners complaining of being treated unjustly by a random roadside assistance provider. Apparently, these events and mishaps have significantly tarnished the towing industry’s reputation.

But it is never too late to put a halt to unfavourable practises. To protect our valued clients and readers, we shall use this blog to enlighten everyone about the most common scams prevalent in the towing industry and how to avoid them.

Beware Of These Towing Scams

Misconceptions are easy to debunk, but fraud is one thing that has proved unstoppable over the years. Although we can not stop these perpetrators or change their minds, we can surely save you from falling into the hands of these evil people.

The Blank Contract

This is perhaps one of the biggest scams faced by vehicle owners. It is not difficult to understand why. When left stranded and perplexed on the road, it is easy to make the wrong decision. Usually, when a tow truck driver arrives at the scene of an accident or vehicle breakdown, they request vehicle owners to sign a blank contract which they claim will be filed later.

In light of the situation’s emergency and in the hurry of getting things done, people often make the mistake of signing such a contract. However, the latter leads to huge regrets as unprofessional tow truck companies enter unfair and unjust terms and prices that rob vehicle owners of their hard-earned money.

The only way to avoid such a scenario is by doing your homework beforehand. You know very well that you will need roadside assistance at some point in time. Hence, you should request roadside assistance and towing services from a reliable tow truck company and have them on your contact list.

One of the most prominent signs of a reputable towing company is that their drivers will never give them a blank contract. They will always furnish you with a properly formulated agreement with crystal clear terms and conditions.

“The Problem Is Quite Big”

Another way malicious tow trucks rob innocent vehicle owners is by taking advantage of their lack of technical knowledge. While some car enthusiasts are well aware of every aspect of their vehicles, an average individual fails to understand its technicalities. Unfortunately, when ill-natured individuals realise the latter, they often exaggerate the problem to overcharge you.

For example, a person who arrives to help you may be able to fix the problem on the spot, but due to your limited knowledge about the problem, they will tell you that your vehicle is unsafe to drive and needs to be towed to a mechanic shop. In the end, they unjustly charge you for services you didn’t even require in the first place.

The Hidden Costs

Do you ever read the so-called ‘terms and conditions apply’ section when requesting any service? The truth is that none of us do. However, this section is often enough to drag you into paying more than what you thought it would cost you.

For example, the standard rate for a towing service may be $100 for a certain distance. But on one faithful day, your towing company asks you to pay $150 because of the weather conditions or the time of the night. Naturally, you would try to argue that the rate is $100 only to be told to reread the terms and conditions.

You can save yourself from such a problem by either reading through the terms and conditions or asking the company to clarify and reveal any additional charges before requesting their services.

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