Towing is not just limited to cars, trucks, equipment, and other large vehicles; towing service providers can be helpful in providing assistance to small motor owners as well. Imagine you are riding your Harley Davidson in a remote area when suddenly it starts making weird noises. After a few seconds, your motorcycle stops working without any more warnings. You are stranded and helpless.

What will you do now? After a few attempts to kick-start it, you will call for help. Here is where a motorcycle towing service can help. However, your bike is an asset, and minor problems can cause full engine-freeing and non-functionalities. These problems ultimately translate to hefty repair bills and wasted time in the repair shop.

Therefore, always hire a reliable, professional, and trustworthy motorcycle towing company to tow your bike.

The following blog discusses the need and characteristics you should consider before hiring a motorcycle towing company.

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Why Hire A Motorcycle Towing Company?

Although you can tow your bike yourself using a tow bar, this is not the preferred or ideal method. It is always safer to seek professional help and call a motorcycle towing company. Some of the reasons to trust a professional to move your broken motorcycle instead of using a DIY method are listed below;


When using a tow bar, you will lift the front wheel of your bike while the back is left in contact with the road. Towing your motorcycle at this angle can be dangerous, especially when taking turns. Your bike can tilt and tip over while turning and get damaged. You may end up losing the aesthetic of your bike, which can be pretty expensive to replace and repair.

However, you can avoid all this ruckus by simply trusting your motorcycle with a professional towing company. The professionals know how to tow a bike using a flatbed tow truck to avoid any damage and safely transport your motorcycle to its desired destination or repair center.

Avoid Damages

When you use a tow bar to transport your broken bike, its whole weight is put on the back tire. This can cause the tire to face wear and tear and damage your motorcycle’s suspension system. When you hire a professional towing company to do the job, the chances of further damage are almost eradicated.

Emergency Service

The road is full of uncertainties; you may face problems like a flat tire, a gearbox breakdown, engine issues, and other problems. A professional towing company’s workers can get you out of the situation in no time.

Things To Look For When Hiring A Motorcycle Towing Company

The saturation of the towing industry has made it difficult to choose the right fit, especially in emergency situations. Here are some aspects you should consider when looking to hire a motorcycle towing company.


Before hiring a towing company, you should spare a few minutes to check its trustworthiness, reliability, and reputation. A few minutes of research and due diligence can save you from a bad towing experience and later monetary losses.

Hiring a motorcycle towing service with a good reputation is better and safer than going for a service provider with a spotty reputation. Google and special media reviews are the best sources you can use to get an idea of the ground reality of the services provided by the towing company you aim to hire for the job.

Service Lists

Before you hire a towing company, make sure to check their service list to see what they have to offer. This will ensure that you invest your time in a service that can actually solve your problem.

License And Accreditation

Towing a motorcycle is different from towing cars and other vehicles. Therefore, ensure that the company you choose is legally licensed and accredited to tow a motorcycle.

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