If you are a vehicle owner, you must have come across the need for towing, and you know how important it is to prevent the vehicle from getting damaged while towing.

As a vehicle owner, your first and foremost concern while towing your vehicle is its safety. You don’t want it to get damaged at any cost.

Many people have had bad experiences with towing as, just like every other industry, the towing industry has some black sheep who are always ready to scam people.

The best way to avoid such scenarios is by hiring a certified towing company, as they will have professionals who will put their customer’s needs first.

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Professional tow truck companies will never try to scam their customers as they prioritize their client’s needs over their own monetary benefits.

So to protect your vehicle from damage and your money from scammers, you should hire trained tow truck drivers from an accredited towing company.

Along with hiring professional tow truck drivers, there are some tips that can help you protect your vehicle from damage while towing. Keep on reading to learn some of the tips that can help you minimize vehicle damage while towing.

Mechanical Damage

Mechanical damage while towing is most often caused when a driver forgets to put their vehicle in neutral.

So when the tow truck moves the vehicle, the mechanical connection between the transmission and wheels are affected. This leads to skidding and damage to the vehicle’s tire transmission.

Moreover, it is essential to consider that different vehicles require different towing methods. For instance, you can’t tow an automatic car with the same techniques used to tow a manual vehicle.

Hence, it is vital to consider the appropriate speed, weight and towing position before towing a vehicle. When you are aware of your vehicle’s specifications, it helps you avoid critical mechanical damage to it while towing.

Due to their years of experience, professional tow truck drivers are aware of all such things. Thus, if you ever get stuck on the road, get recovery services from an accredited towing company.

Cosmetic Damage

Another common type of damage caused while towing vehicles is cosmetic damage. This is the type of damage caused to the structure of the vehicle, such as the body, tires, rims, windows and windshields.

Typically, dents and scratches are the most common type of damage that comes under cosmetic damage. Though cosmetic damage won’t really affect the car’s performance, it hurts the owner’s heart and pockets as they are very costly to repair.

Cosmetic damage usually occurs when the vehicle is not properly secured to the tow truck. For instance, when the tow truck hook is improperly positioned, this will either cause the tow truck to scratch the car or increase the risk of the car bumping into other vehicles.

Tips To Prevent Damage While Towing

Here are some tricks you can employ to protect your vehicle from damage while towing:

Always Put The Car In Neutral

As mentioned above, there are many mechanical and cosmetic damages that can be avoided by ensuring that your vehicle has been put in neutral before towing it.

This is one of the simplest yet most forgotten steps. Hence, before towing your vehicle, make sure to double-check if your car is neutral or not.

Make Sure The Vehicle Is Properly Secured

The next trick that can help you minimize the risk of damage while towing your vehicle is properly securing it.

A common mistake that most people make is that since they are in a hurry to reach their final destination, they often forget to check whether the vehicle is properly secured to the tow truck.

Also, no matter what you are working with, it is important to have basic information about how different types of tow trucks work so that you know how to secure your vehicle properly.

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