Winches are dangerous, especially when not used properly or without safety precautions. Winching appears as a simple task of pulling a stuck vehicle out by tying it with something. However, from where you stand while the winch is under work or what not to do with your winch cable, there are many things that you can do wrong. Therefore, it is always best to call a professional towing company that provides winching services to assist you in getting out of the situation.

The following blog post explains the dos and don’ts of dealing with a winch and how to ensure safe 4×4 recovery.

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Do’s When Dealing With A Winch


Most winching mistakes are due to ignorance; less experienced people don’t know the requirements of using a new winch. A new winch rope or cable must be spooled before it goes under the load and you pull something with it.

Forgetting to do so will make the upper and lower layer of the rope or cable pull down by the middle layers, and this can damage your cable or rope (both synthetic and rubber).

In the worst case, the winch can become unusable as well. So, cable or rope should be periodically spooled to ensure the cable’s strength and functionality.

Use A Frame-mounted Tow Point

To winch properly you should use proper frame-mounted tow points instead of kinetic tugs, yanks, or pulls. Like a pulley system, the winching technique will also work with the combination of a kinetic and static pull. A winch is supposed as a static pull anchored to the kinetic pull or the vehicle that needs to be recovered.

Throwing the stuck vehicle in the reverse-pull and giving a yank on the stuck vehicle while unspooling the winch is very difficult to accomplish over the drivetrain and brake.

Tree Saver At The Bottom Of The Tree

The only correct way to use a tree saver is to tie it at the very bottom of the tree. The D-ring shackle goes around to both ends, and then the tree saver is hooked to the winch line.

Don’ts When Dealing With A Winch

Don’t Wrap Around A Tree

Sticking to the principle of not using nature for winching is best. So, never attach your winch to a tree. Irrespective of the material of the cable (synthetic or rubber), the winch will damage the tree and, in the process, can kill it. Remember that you are on the trail to enjoy nature and not to destroy it. Respect and protect public and private land so we and future generations can enjoy and use them.

Using The Tree Saver Incorrectly

Another mistake that winching first-timers commit is using a tree saver incorrectly. Instead of rolling a tree saver around a tree, it is better to move it around a rollbar, cross member, or non-sharp part of the frame rail. Wrapping it around a tree can create a cinching effect that can damage the tree. Sometimes the cinch may be so strong that you won’t be able to get the cable or tree saver off it.

Winching Several Feet Above The Tree Base

Winching several feet above the tree base is a good way to pull the tree up. Hence, by doing so, you are not only killing the tree but there is ample chance you will get hurt. As in this situation, when the tree breaks and falls, it will be on you and your vehicle.

Winching To Small Rocks

Now, if you decide to winch using a rock in an attempt to protect nature, make sure that it is the biggest one around. All other rules are the same for rock winching as for tree winching.

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