It is August, but the rainy season has not yet bid its farewell yet. Thus, Alberta is expected to receive a fair amount of rainfall this month. Although the rain will be a good relief from the rising temperatures, car enthusiasts will face one common trouble – getting stuck in the mud.

Given the Canadian climate, this scenario is not an odd one for locals. However, the resulting frustration, annoyance, and loss of time remain their worst and most dreaded nightmare. The pain of constantly pushing the gas pedal while your car adamantly refuses to move an inch ahead is incomparable. While the list of complaints regarding the issue is endless, the accompanying information on how to combat the situation is quite limited.

As the most trusted towing company in central Alberta, we find it quite surprising that the topic has not been adequately explored over the internet despite the frequency of its occurrence. Out of the available sources, very few are actually well-researched and comprehensible. Unfortunately, many drivers panic and make the wrong moves when stuck in the mud.

Throughout our years of experience, we have been called upon in numerous instances where a seemingly simple problem was complicated by a driver’s inability to take the proper steps, which at times also resulted in damage to the vehicle.

In light of the situation, today’s blog post will outline the right course of action to take when your car gets stuck in the mud.

Prepare Beforehand

A cautious driver often successfully escapes the most challenging situations on the road. Why? Because they are both mentally prepared and adequately equipped to handle an adversary. As an Albertan, you must have it in the back of your mind at all times that mudslides and landslides are a common occurrence in Alberta. Thus, you need to have a few things at your disposal whenever you drive in rainy weather.

In this regard, you must have a foldable shovel and a tow strap in your trunk at all times. However, if the situation seems out of your hands, do not experiment, as it will cause more harm than good to your vehicle. Instead, request winching services from a reputed and reliable roadside assistance provider.

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Do Not Accelerate

In prosperity, caution, in adversity, patience.

If, despite being cautious, you encounter the adversity of getting trapped in the mud, maintain patience. In a state of panic, many people simply devoted their efforts to pushing the gas pedal as hard as possible. The latter only worsens the situation as the tires that spin without any traction dig deeper and submerge the car more into the mud.

Get Out Of The Car And Scrutinize The Situation

The first thing you should do when your vehicle gets stuck in the mud is to exit the car and assess the situation. If you have other passengers, ask them to also get out of the car to reduce the weight and avoid further submergence. Then, scrutinize the situation’s severity and analyze how deeply stuck the tires are.

Accordingly, decide on a suitable strategy. Will it be more appropriate to wiggle the tires left and right, or will rocking back and forth gain you traction?

Be Careful When Flagging Other Drivers For Help

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their frustration is falling into the hands of the wrong people. We are not saying every passerby is a scammer or a criminal, but the emerging ironic incidents mandate extreme circumspection. Therefore, be careful whenever you ask for help and trust your gut. If you get an uneasy vibe from someone who insists on helping you at all costs without your request, politely refuse their offer.

Try To Gain Traction

Now that you have decided on the right strategy to gain traction, it’s time to execute it. You can also place some dry materials like leaves or cardboard in front of the wheels to ensure the wheels don’t dig deeper and instead move forward. Once you have attained traction and gained momentum, do not stop. The latter is a mistake that many drivers make. As a result, the car drags back to its original position, and all the hard work goes down the drain.

When All Else Fails, Call A Roadside Assistance Provider

If nothing works and your car adamantly refuses to come out of the mud, call a reliable towing company and request vehicle recovery or winching services.

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