Why You Should Never Let Your Car Run Out Of Fuel

If you repeatedly test your car’s patience, it will test you unexpectedly one day in the middle of nowhere. We can all agree that at least once in your lifetime, you have ignored the fuel warning of your car just to test whether the car actually can travel the distance calculated by the range indicator.

Honestly, we are all guilty of such attempts, but the problem arises when people make it a habit. As the most contacted roadside assistance company across Calgary and its surrounding areas, we often get help requests from people who are unexpectedly left stranded on the road because they ran out of fuel. Research shows that most people ignore the empty tank warning and continue to drive to their destination.

The latter is not just a case in Canada but is apparent in other countries as well. About 800,000 drivers in the UK run out of Fuel and get stuck on the road despite seeing a warning.

The question is, why do people disregard the warning? Why, despite knowing the apparent dangers of driving with an empty fuel tank do people continue to do so? Perhaps not many people are aware of the technical damage driving with an almost empty fuel tank does to their vehicle. But aren’t they aware of the most obvious drawback?

As the topic at hand fails to receive the attention it deserves, we have decided to use this blog post to open our readers’ eyes to the disadvantages of driving with an empty fuel tank.

Dangers Of Driving With A Low Fuel Warning

During such circumstances, it is hard to understand whether adventure enthusiasts are trying to tempt the vehicle or fate itself. It is all fun and games until you land in an unpleasant situation. Consequently, we suggest you neither tempt or test the two for the following reasons:

1. You May End Up Stranded On The Road With No Help

You may think running out of fuel is not a big worry. However, you might be unfortunate enough to have your car halt in an area with no nearby fuel station. If this happens after dusk, the situation could prove dangerous to not only your car but also you. Predators and burglars are always in search of such opportunities and by not filling in your fuel tank when necessary, you may end up at the mercy of such people.

In such situations, never take any more chances than you have already taken. Luckily, modern roadside assistance companies also provide emergency fuel delivery services. Hence, if you find yourself stranded on the road with no nearby gas station, simply call a company that offers instant fuel delivery services. Companies like AAA Towing can provide you with up to ten litres of fuel in an emergency.

Undeniably, these services have numerous benefits and should be used when needed. Also, ensure that you immediately inform your family of the situation.

2. Clogged Injectors And Fuel Filters

It is normal for your fuel to contain sediments and other materials that often settle down at the bottom of your car’s tank and form sludge. If you continuously drive your car with limited fuel, there is a chance that this sludge will find its way into your fuel pump and, ultimately, your engine. The latter will clog the fuel filters resulting in an uneven supply of fuel. This, in turn, will deteriorate the engine’s performance.

3. Significant Damage To The Fuel Pump

For a fuel pump to function properly, it needs to be immersed in fuel which lubricates and cools it. Hence, driving on an empty fuel tank can cause the fuel pump to heat up and get damaged. As a result, the fuel pump will need to be replaced, which can be quite costly as the whole fuel tank will have to be removed for the pump to be reinstalled.

4. Harmful To The Engine

For an engine to run at its best capacity, it needs a constant flow of fuel. Thus, driving with an empty fuel tank will result in loss of engine power, engine failure, and abrupt breakdowns. Some of these damages can be permanent and costly to repair.

5. Unnecessary Apprehension And Strain

Besides the technical issues and the resulting costs, driving on an empty fuel tank will also earn you unnecessary stress and strain. In light of all of the above, we suggest you refrain from driving your vehicle when there is a low fuel warning. Get it filled as quickly as possible and save yourself all the trouble.

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