Types Of Vehicles That Require Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy vehicle breakdowns, rollovers, and accident damage can be a nuisance for individual divers as well as disruptive for businesses. In these situations, towing service providers play a huge role in ensuring that the vehicle that is facing an issue is removed from the site immediately especially where it might be hindering traffic. Vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, and SUVs can be easily towed using conventional tow trucks.

However, heavy vehicles such as commercial trucks, motorhomes, buses, and trailers require immediate recovery from the site which cannot be carried out by all towing services as they are not designed to deal with such heavy vehicles. Special equipment and proper training are required to tow such vehicles and machinery.

Therefore, many towing companies equip themselves with specialized towing equipment that enables them to tow heavy duty vehicles with ease. These heavy duty tow trucks have heavier engines and larger chassis, making them perfect for dealing with large, heavy vehicles.


Continue reading to find out which vehicles require heavy duty towing.

Big Trucks

Due to their immense weight, big trucks such as bobtails, garbage trucks, and big rigs require heavy duty towing. These powerful tow trucks do not face any difficulty while performing the towing operation and can do so quite well. This is because of their advanced wheel lift and underreach capabilities.

This technology enables them to safely tow massive vehicles without causing any damage. Some tow service providers have specialized heavy duty towing equipment that can easily transport multiple big trucks all at once in case of a large issue.


When it comes to towing a bus, there are several challenges that a towing operator might face. Because of their length, weight, and shape, it is very difficult to haul these massive vehicles without special equipment. That is why only heavy duty tow trucks are capable of towing these vehicles. All types of busses can be towed safely and efficiently to any location you want using these heavy-duty machines.

In addition to this, most towing service providers also customize their tow trucks with special equipment to mitigate skirting and ground grinding effects when busses are being towed over longer distances. This is helped by the extended wheel lift technology present on these trucks that ensure that the bus is safely towed to its required destination.

Semi Tractor-Trailers

Semi-trucks and trailers themselves are heavy-duty vehicles with complex dimensions and sizes. Therefore, all types of semi-trucks and trailers require heavy-duty towing trucks to transport them properly and safely. Whether you need to get your single axle trailer or disabled semi-tractor towed, you can trust heavy duty towing services to do the job efficiently.

Most towing service providers use modern, customized hook-up equipment to tie semi-trailers to the tow truck to ensure that your vehicle is towed safely. It can be very dangerous to tow semi tractor-trailers without the proper knowledge of its complexities and potential risks. Therefore, ensuring a safe towing operation requires a lot of experience and the correct know-how, otherwise, it could lead to considerable damage to the vehicle.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you hire the heavy duty services of a tow company that has well-trained and highly skilled drivers. So, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands and will be towed without any problems.



Towing a motorhome can be a complicated task because of its large and heavy presentation. These massive vehicles have complex sizes and shapes, making them one of the toughest vehicles to tow. This is especially true if you do not have the right equipment and know-how to haul such a vehicle.

With the design complexity of a motorhome, it is highly recommended that you hire a qualified heavy duty towing service provider to tow your motorhome. These companies have the licenses and sufficient experience to get the job done professionally.

State-of-the-art heavy duty wheel lifts and frame axles are used by most towing companies to tow motorhomes. It ensures that they are transported safely and without damage to their destination.


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