The Top Three Dangers Of Heavy Duty Towing

Breaking down and needing a tow is something that every driver has to go through at least once in his lifetime. However, it isn’t always our personal vehicles that need towing; heavy-duty commercial vehicles sometimes also require towing services. Breakdowns of these cars can pose significant threats to companies, causing delays in their services and hindering their day-to-day operations. Regular towing companies can not help them, and therefore require the help of heavy-duty towing services.

Driving a heavy vehicle takes a certain level of skill. Jumpstarting your battery or changing your flat tire is not all tow truck drivers do. It takes a great multitasker, focused, and strong person to be a heavy-duty tow truck operator. Not to mention, you have to be incredibly headstrong to undertake all sorts of risks to get the toughest jobs done. Here’s what makes this job one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles Are Difficult To Maneuver

The bigger size and weight of these heavy-duty vehicles make them a considerable threat to other cars on the road. On top of that, when they tow or transport other heavy vehicles or bulky items, manoeuvring them becomes incredibly difficult. In such a case, an accident between them and a regular car will lead to unimaginable damages.

Moreover, heavy vehicles require more space and time than regular vehicles to come to a standstill or accelerate. Should traffic start and stop frequently, it will prove to be problematic for an amateur truck driver.

For this reason, only experienced and skillful drivers should operate such vehicles. Expert tow truck operators efficiently handle heavy vehicles and can correctly assess the distance between them and the surrounding vehicles, making the whole heavy-duty towing process as safe and simple as possible.

Unpredictable Weather Conditions Can Worsen The Process

Although Calgary’s weather is mostly pleasant throughout the year, it doesn’t mean that it won’t occasionally get bad enough for truck drivers to think twice before continuing their journey.

For example, rain, hail, snowstorms, and strong winds can lead to dangerous situations on the road, causing a significant increase in accident rates. For this reason, tow truck drivers must stay alert and aware of bad weather. Moreover, since it is not only one vehicle they are driving, they need to be extra careful while towing the heavy vehicle behind them.

The best way to avoid unpredictable weather is to always check your local weather report before hitting the road. Knowing the weather in advance can help you plan ahead and avoid any distressing situations.

Driver Fatigue Can Lead To Serious Implications

Unpredictable weather, dangerous road conditions, and encountering other aggressive drivers on the road can make driving and towing large-sized vehicles a constant challenge. On top of that, tow truck drivers need to stay vigilant and alert at all times to ensure safe and secure towing. All this can lead to driver fatigue that can impair their concentration and alertness, and their decision-making process as a whole can be adversely affected.

Moreover, most towing companies specialize in providing 24-hour services and work around the clock. This can take a toll on a driver’s performance and have serious implications on their safety and other people’s safety on the road.

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, heavy-duty towing is a dangerous and challenging job that requires drivers to stay alert and aware of their surroundings at all times. We at AAA Towing know that being a heavy-tow truck driver comes with unimaginable risks, but our team is well-experienced and highly skilled to manage these challenges effortlessly. If you need help with heavy-duty towing, visit our website, or call us here anytime.

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