10 Tips To Avoid Road Accidents

Accidents occur every day and all around the world. No part of the Earth is devoid of traffic accidents. To be honest, events such as an accident are inevitable and just a matter of fate. However, that does not stop one from taking the necessary precautions to avoid such events.

Numerous government and private authorities such as the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals, the Transportation Safety Board Of Canada, and the Canada Safety Council work hard day and night to devise strategies and regulations to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Canada. But the figures nevertheless remain high thus far. Every year, 300 000 Canadians encounter an accident and about 1600 people out of these lose their lives.

Hence, we believe that as Calgary’s most responsible and reputable towing service provider and incident management experts, we deem it our duty to enlighten the public on how to avoid becoming a victim of such tragic occurrences.

Tips To Diminish The Chances Of A Road Accident

Prevention is always better than a cure. Even though what is fated to happen is inevitable, prudence and precaution often spare one from lethal encounters. The tips that follow could mean the difference between a slight physical injury and a fatality:

1. Always Have An Emergency Toolkit In Your Trunk

Being adequately armed against any unforeseen event reduces the stress of the circumstance to a significant level. Hence it is advisable to always keep an emergency toolkit and other important accessories in your trunk. The latter will greatly help you overcome any minor incident on your own.

For example, if you suddenly spot an animal crossing the road and abruptly turn to a specific direction and erroneously drive over something sharp, you are likely to have a punctured tire. In such a situation, a properly inflated spare tire will save the day.

2. Have The Right Driving Attitude

Although some aspects of this point are individually discussed below, it is essential to emphasise the importance of the topic itself.

“I am a pro at driving…”

“Traffic rules are for kids…”

“I’ll show you to never mess with me again…’

This kind of attitude can lead to road accidents. Hence it is essential to maintain self-discipline.

3. Always Fasten Your Seatbelt

“I didn’t have time.”

The latter is the typical justification people give when caught by traffic police without wearing a seatbelt. However, what most of us fail to realise is that fastening a seatbelt reduces the risk of a severe injury by 50% and death by 45%.

So is such recklessness really worth your life?

4. Abide By Traffic Rules

Traffic rules aren’t for kids. Even if you have been driving for years, your experience or expertise does not exempt you from the law. Your expertise will not save you from the fast-approaching truck when you ignore a red light.

5. Watch Out For Animals

In Canada, there are about eight collisions involving wildlife per hour. Hence, it is essential to not only watch out for pedestrians and vehicles but also animals crossing the road.

6. Stay Within The Speed Limits

Never demonstrate your driving skills anywhere unless you are partaking in a sports activity. Apparently, speed enthusiasts may argue that they only drive fast on roads void of any traffic. Nevertheless, it is still a road, and you do not know what you may come across in the next minute.

7. Pay Attention To Severe Weather Warnings

Driving in bad weather should be avoided at all costs. Winter is often accompanied by harsh snowstorms, which result in numerous accidents. Resultantly it is vital that you keep an eye on severe weather warnings before leaving the house.

8. Train For Bad Weather Driving

In the event that driving in bad weather is unavoidable and you have to go out on the road for something important, the ideal thing to do would be to take proper training for driving during bad weather. Numerous schools and even government authorities often provide educational material and practical demonstrations regarding the matter.

9. Avoid Alcohol Intake Prior To Driving

Drunk driving is the leading cause of accidents in Canada. Surprisingly even though Canada has one of the most strictly devised traffic regulations, drunk driving still remains a problem. If you value your life, never drink before you drive.

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10. A stitch in time saves nine.

Hence, if you find yourself in an accident or any issue on the road, immediately contact a reputable roadside assistance service provider.

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