You shouldn’t drive a car that has water damage after a flood or a lot of rain until the engine has been cleaned and inspected. Depending on how much water got inside your car, trying to push-start it could result in significant engine damage.

Additionally, flooding can harm a car’s mechanical components, safety features, lubricants, and electronics. If enough water enters your car’s engine, it might operate for a while, but eventually, it will stop. So what should you do?

It is preferable to call a certified towing company for assistance if your car is flooded. Before talking about how a towing company can help, it’s important to consider some important precautionary tips for your vehicle.

Advice On Preserving A Flooded Car

Here are some quick guidelines you should follow during a flood or heavy rain:

  • You should initially stay away from the flooded region.
  • In the event of a severe flood amid a trip, put your personal safety first. In order to avoid potential harm or loss of life, get out of your automobile right away and move to a higher, safer location.
  • If your automobile is waterlogged or you are removing it from a wet area, do not push start it. Water from a flood can exacerbate existing damage from debris and corrosive materials. Even if you manage to dry out your car, starting it while it’s still submerged in floodwater might worsen the damage as moving water can damage a car’s system in ways that standing water might not be able to.
  • Never attempt to drive your car on a path that is covered in water if it is not water-resistant. Instead, look for a dry route to keep it out of the water.
  • Call a trustworthy towing company to bring your vehicle to a mechanic for repairs once the floodwaters have subsided. In order to prevent internal damage to your car, try to seek aid as soon as possible. Dry and ventilate your automobile to ward off odours, mold, and mildew.
  • Take pictures of your car as proof for your insurance company once things are back to normal.
  • To make a coverage, repair, or other needed claim, contact your insurance carrier.

How Can A Tow Truck Company Help?

When you find yourself in a very awkward situation, you will have to call a certified towing company for professional assistance.

A tow truck is your best bet to move your car to a safer position if it breaks down due to flooding and you are trapped on the side of the road.

Along with towing and roadside assistance , some towing companies offer basic repair services to help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Let’s look at the factors to take into account before contacting a professional towing company.

What Should You Take Into Account Before Calling A Tow Truck Service?

You must first discover what caused your car to break down if it is flooded or waterlogged.

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your car, you can call a towing company and explain your situation. The next step is to figure out what kind of towing or roadside help your car needs.

These are typically the essential steps you must take before contacting a tow truck service.

Be Aware Of Your Location

You must be aware of your surroundings and the predicament you find yourself in. There isn’t anything to worry about if you are somewhere close to your home or a friend’s home. However, you must seek immediate assistance if you become stopped in the middle of a roadway.

Turn On Your Hazard Lights

When you find yourself in a hazardous situation, such as on a highway, put your safety first. Use the emergency brake, turn on your hazard lights, and exit the car. Once you have done all of this, go to a safe location and call a certified towing company.

Take Photos

If your car was in an accident or broke down, take pictures of it once you’ve found a safe area. Take pictures of the second vehicle as well if there is an accident with it. These photos can come in very handy if you ever need to file an insurance claim or handle other legal obligations.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Give your insurance provider a heads-up about the circumstances; they might pay for towing. Make sure you are cautious about who to call for assistance as they might only cooperate with certain towing companies.

Contact A Towing Company

If your insurance company doesn’t give you enough information, you’ll need to do some research. To reduce your per-mile costs, the simplest approach to discovering a nearby towing companyis to search for one in your general area. Skimming through a company’s review section is a quick way to figure out if it’s a good fit.

Get An Estimated Cost

Ask about costs before choosing a towing company. This will often depend on how far you are, where you are, and the kind of car you drive.

Inquire About The Towing Process

You should inquire about the towing method that your organization uses as there are several towing techniques. Wheel lift tow trucks and flatbed tow trucks are the two most common techniques. Where the vehicle is driven onto a flat surface off the ground, flatbed towing is significantly safer.

Choose The Location Where You Want Your Car Towed

You must plan the location where you want your car to be delivered. You must take a flooded car to the closest auto shop to have a mechanic look at it. Additionally, you might ask the towing company for recommendations for a mechanic. Basic repair services are sometimes offered by some towing businesses.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

You should take anything precious or important out of your automobile, including any documents. Even though most towing companies are reliable, you shouldn’t leave anything valuable in your car.

Get A Receipt

After you drop off your car, you should ask the towing company for a receipt that shows the time, cost, and level of service. In order to receive coverage from your insurance company, this receipt will be useful. As a backup, keep a duplicate of the receipt.

By following the suggestions above, you can avoid a lot of problems with towing companies.

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