4 Signs Of A Failing Catalytic Converter

There are many important parts that are combined to make a vehicle. All these parts work together in order to make your vehicle run smoothly.

But if one of these parts starts malfunctioning it will impact your vehicle’s efficiency. Therefore to achieve smooth driving it is important that all the parts of your vehicle work properly.

Just like many other important parts of your vehicle, the catalytic converter is also a vital part of your automobile.

The role of this part is to convert the hazardous gases in your vehicle’s exhaust into simpler compounds. For instance, it neutralizes the hazardous carbon monoxide that is present in your vehicle’s exhaust.

The catalytic converter converts the hazardous gases into simpler compounds and increases the performance and gas mileage of your vehicle.

Typically catalytic converters are manufactured to last the entire lifetime of your car but sometimes due to unattended repair issues in other parts of the exhaust system, the catalytic converter can break down.

If you delay the inspection and maintenance of your catalytic converter it will break down in the middle of the road and then you will have to wait for professional roadside assistance.

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You can not drive a car with a broken catalytic converter. It is not only dangerous for the environment but will also affect your vehicle mileage and other parts of your exhaust system.

Therefore it is important that you recognize the signs of a broken catalytic converter and get it replaced as quickly as possible.

Here are the 4 signs of a failing catalytic converter.

The Engine Light

One of the most prominent signs of a failed catalytic converter is the blinking engine light.

So if your engine light is on it is an indication that your catalytic converter might be failing.

Hence you should keep an eye on your vehicle’s engine light and if it turns on you should immediately take your car to a professional mechanic before the issue turns into a huge problem.

The only problem you might face is to identify whether the failure of the catalytic converter is the cause of the illuminated engine light or not. Sometimes due to some other issues the engine light may start to blink.

Decline In Gas Mileage

Another common sign of a failed catalytic converter is a decline in your vehicle’s mileage.

Since the catalytic converter is responsible for your vehicle’s good mileage and performance, when it fails the mileage will start to decrease.

This is mainly because when the catalytic converter becomes clogged the exhaust of your vehicle becomes trapped in your car’s engine.

Hence if your vehicle is experiencing a rapid increase in its gas consumption over a short period of time then a falling catalytic converter is the reason behind it.

Decreased Performance

When the catalytic converter becomes blocked the build-up in your vehicle’s engine increases and that results in decreased performance.

Driving a car with a clogged catalytic converter will feel like driving a car that has no acceleration.

Using a car with a failed catalytic converter is a huge risk as it can break down at any time and can even fail to start up.

Rattling Sounds

There are various honeycomb-shaped components that make up a catalytic converter and these components produce rattling sounds when they are broken.

When your catalytic converter is broken you will hear loud rattling sounds whenever you start the car.

So if you hear rattling sounds and notice any of the aforementioned symptoms then there is a high chance that your catalytic converter is broken.

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