Your Responsibilities As A Driver While Requesting Towing Services

Since your cherished car is a mechanical device, the chance of it giving up on you on a deserted road remains intact regardless of its technical supremacy. However, the real question is, how do you handle such a situation? Many of you will be quick to point out that calling for roadside assistance services is the ultimate answer. But is the latter on its own sufficient? Does your responsibility towards your vehicle end just by calling a towing company?

If you thought the above would suffice, you are clearly on the wrong track. Although there are reputable towing service providers that will entirely lift the stress of the towing process off your shoulders, you might have to do some research before landing on one. Every now and then, numerous reports regarding fraudulent tow truck drivers make it to headlines worldwide, Canada is no exception to this hard to swallow reality.

Fraud or not, all we want our readers to understand is that leaving everything in the hands of a tow truck driver is neither wise nor prudent. Let us put it this way, if you as the owner of the vehicle do not exemplify accountability and keenness towards your car, do you think the tow truck driver watching you act carelessly will care about your car?

In light of the above discussion, today, we shall take a slightly different perspective and use this blog to enlighten our readers regarding their responsibilities before, during, and after the towing process.

Your Responsibilities As A Driver Being Towed

Undoubtedly, towing is not an easy procedure. Even the tow truck driver can face numerous challenges during the process. However, unlike you, the former is appropriately trained to handle the technicalities of such situations. On the other hand, you do not need any technical knowledge to do your part in this regard. Simply act with vigilance and caution, and the job is done.

If you ever get stuck on the road with a broken vehicle that is no longer safe to drive, simply do the following:

1. Call A Reliable Towing Service Provider

Reread the above point. The word ‘reliable’ should ring a bell in your mind. The towing industry is booming, and there is a lot of competition. However, not every company that comes your way will be dependable and diligent enough to handle your vehicle with the required care.

Hence, for the sake of your safety and that of your car, it is your primary responsibility to request towing services from a reputable company.

2. Inspect Your Vehicle While You Wait For The Tow Truck

Now that you have called a tow truck company, the next step is to prepare your vehicle for the towing process. In this regard, the first step is to inspect your vehicle for any visible damage that was done as a result of an abrupt stop or a minor accident.

The latter is done for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, it gives you an idea of the costs you are likely to incur to fix the damage,
  • And secondly, you will easily be able to point out any damage resulting from the recklessness of the tow truck driver after the towing process.

If possible, take pictures of your car from every angle as proof.

Also, we would advise you to take out all your valuable items such as wallets, purses, or any important documents from the car to avoid any disputes regarding the mishandling of your personal items.

3. Take Necessary Precautions To Alert Other Drivers

Do not immerse yourself so much in the above tasks that you disregard your own safety. Remember, you are still on the road. Thus, you need to forewarn other drivers regarding the situation to avoid any further damage to your vehicle or yourself.

To do the latter, leave your car’s hazard lights or headlights on. As an alternative, you can also hang a brightly coloured shirt or leave your car’s hood open to alert approaching drivers so that they may slow down.

4. Verify The Tow Truck Driver That Arrives

Tow truck drivers are not just sitting in their offices and waiting for you to call them. Most of them are often lurking around areas prone to accidents or breakdowns. As a result, the first driver that comes to you might not necessarily be the one you called. Hence, it is wise to first verify which company the driver belongs to.

5. Stay Alert To Scammers By Requesting proper Documentation

Today’s harsh reality is that no industry is free of scammers. Recently, numerous car owners have reported being asked to sign blank contracts, which are later filled in with unfair terms and prices. One of the most prominent signs of a reliable towing service provider is that they give you a well-drafted contract with clearly explained terms and conditions. You should never settle for anything less than that.

6. Duly Notify The Tow Truck Company About Any Damage During The Towing Process

Lastly, after your car has been towed to the desired location, immediately inspect your vehicle for any damage in the presence of the tow truck driver and notify them if anything is out of order.

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