Car lockout services are the most commonly sought services from a towing company. Everyone has been in a situation, where you were looking for your car keys and suddenly remembered that you had left them in the car.

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will come across several different methods of DIYing a solution. Some sources might even go as far as asking you to try breaking into your car. However, this will not only damage the lock, door, and window glass of your car but will also affect the overall integrity of your vehicle.

Therefore, to avoid all this ruckus and later repair bills, it is advisable to call a professional lockout service. The professionals will get you out of the situation in no time and you will get your car keys back in your hand.

In this blog, we have discussed the three scenarios in which you should call for professional lockout services.

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Standard Lockout Scenario

A standard lockout scenario is usually termed as the act of leaving your keys inside the car and locking it. Some people leave it in the ignition and some simply just forget it in the cup holder. Nonetheless, this problem can be solved in minutes. If you call a professional, the average time to open most car doors is 5 minutes.

If you have ever experienced a lockout situation, you will be well aware of how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, the problem is very simple and easy to resolve.

Broken Car Key

How often do you find yourself throwing your car keys around? They are usually considered very durable and most of them are. However, older car keys can become brittle over time making them more susceptible to breakages.

Most of the time, these keys break while unlocking the car or in the ignition. As compared to a standard lockout situation, a broken key situation is a more time-consuming process.

Moreover, the complexity of the process also greatly depends on the type of vehicle you own.

In situations like this an experienced car locksmith can help you retrieve your keys without damaging your vehicle.

Locked Your Keys In The Trunk

Many cars now have a trunk release to open the car without the keys. But what about the cars that need ignition switches to be turned on? Or the ones that need the car to be on for the trunk to open? It may come to you as a surprise but some car models need one of both above-mentioned situations to be true.

So, trunk lockouts are possible, especially after shopping or whenever your hands are full of bags. One of the most common reasons for a trunk lockout is often the case when you are putting your bags in the trunk your mind is occupied and you are holding your keys with a finger. From here you know what will happen next; you will drop the keys.

Now with some models, there may be a second way to open your car trunk and get the keys out of it. While in most cases, you will need to go a step further and call a lockout service to make a valet key that can open the car doors and the trunk.

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