Top 4 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

It should not be surprising that your car, which was not in use for a long time, won’t start when you try to turn it on. What happens is that when you leave any vehicle to sit for a few months, it results in a dead battery due to no use. But, this isn’t the only situation where you may come across a dead battery. It can happen even if you’ve got a brand new car or you drive your car regularly. Such a situation leaves you with no choice but to wait for roadside assistance to help you.

You might be wondering what exactly is causing your car battery to die in the first place. There could be numerous reasons as to why your battery has died or has been drained. You can contact a local car boosting service provider for assistance. However, knowing the reason behind this problem can help you prevent a car breakdown on a hot summer day in Alberta.

In this blog, we have compiled a short list of some of the most common reasons for a depleted battery, for your knowledge.

Headlights Were On

After a long work day, the only thought running through your head is that you want to get home and spend some time with your loved ones. In a rush to get inside, you forget to turn off your car’s headlights or properly close its door. So, when the morning comes, and you try to start your car you find that your battery has died.

This is because the battery charges all the electronics in your car once the engine is off. Your battery can be drained by something as small as a dome light, preventing your vehicle from starting in the morning. To avoid this problem, you must ensure that your electronics are off and the doors are properly closed before leaving your car.

There’s A ‘Parasitic Draw’

Your battery can rapidly deplete if there is a turned-on accessory in your car. But what if your car still won’t start even after you have checked to make sure that all your electronic accessories are off. This generally indicates that faulty wiring in your car is depleting your battery without any apparent problem. This is known as a parasitic draw.

When your car is running, your battery is being charged by an alternator. But when the vehicle is turned off, your battery is not being charged. You can resolve this issue by jumpstarting your car. You should contact your local car boosting service provider to get the faulty wiring repaired immediately to avoid experiencing the same issue again.

Loose Battery Connections

Your car won’t start if your battery is disconnected. The battery’s terminals can corrode over time, or its connectors can jostle loose. This can result in either your car engine completely shutting down or the power being transmitted by your cars’ battery not being enough to start your engine.

You can tighten your battery connectors to solve this problem. However, corrosion-related issues typically require you to clean the battery regularly. Doing this will ensure that your car’s battery is properly charged at all times.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Scorching summer heat and cold winter weather can result in various problems with your car’s battery. A new battery is more resistant to extreme temperatures. However, even a new car battery can sometimes succumb to extreme temperature changes. This will either lead to your battery completely dying or give a weakened overall performance.

If you notice a performance issue with your battery, you must contact your local car service provider for an immediate diagnosis and solution.

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