How To Select The Best Towing Company In Calgary

Nobody wants to ruin their day by intentionally planning a vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road. Nonetheless, vehicle breakdowns do happen and are often inevitable. Moreover, they can happen to anyone at any point in time and leave people feeling frustrated and exhausted. It is important to keep your head clear during these unfortunate occasions and call for the best towing company in town and ask them for help.

Employing a good towing service can mean hiring a swift, efficient, cost-effective, and professional towing company. Once your car is hooked onto the tow truck of a reliable company, you can sit back and relax and let them handle and safely tow your vehicle to its next destination.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy towing company is essential in such situations. Below, we mention some tips that can help you select the best towing company in Calgary.


The first and foremost thing to consider when selecting a towing company is its location. The closer the company is operating to your incident site, the quicker it will respond to your request. Moreover, it is not uncommon for towing companies that are based miles away to advertise in your area. So, while selecting, make sure the company you decide on is based in Calgary and provides services near your location.

A tow company that provides services near you will have a higher probability of giving a prompt and effective response.

Client Reviews

Client reviews are a key indicator of a company’s quality service and exhibit consumers’ satisfaction levels. For this reason, they play an essential role in helping you decide on the best towing company in your area.

To invest in the right towing company, always make sure that you have checked their customer reviews. You can find these reviews on their websites, Google reviews, YellowPages, and more.

Before selecting a company, you can also ask your friends and family members for their honest and unbiased recommendations. Their experience and references can help you connect with the most trusted company out there in your area.

Services Offered

It is essential to look into the services of the company you’re about to hire. Some companies offer only specific towing services, while others will offer all kinds of services in their package. So make sure to research in advance.

For instance, your car may break down late at night. In this situation, you will need to hire a company that offers 24/7 roadside service. However, some towing companies do not operate past midnight. If you try to contact such a company, it will waste your time and leave you feeling more frustrated and anxious. So, to avoid this, make sure you look into a company’s services before contacting them.

Customer Service

Receiving a negative and unhelpful response from a towing company when you’re already going through a stressful situation can make your day go from bad to worse. Therefore, when you shortlist your towing company and call their customer service, make sure that they don’t sound uninterested and listen to your problem carefully.

If the executive sounds rude and unprofessional over the phone, then chances are that their service won’t be very pleasant one once you hire them. Furthermore, an unprofessional company may charge you unfairly and may even damage your car during a tow.

Therefore, instead of hiring a bad company, try to find a company whose customer service is top-notch and whose executives have a positive outlook on the clients.


Price is a critical deciding factor for selecting the best towing company in Calgary. Therefore, always ask about the cost of a specific service from the towing company you’re about to hire. Some professional towing companies will charge you a fair fee and will keep transparency regarding extra expenses.

However, it is not uncommon for a person dealing with a car breakdown to get stuck with an unreliable or amateur towing company. In these cases, it is advisable to push for a standard flat fee and insist on being transparent and upfront about any miscellaneous charges.

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