Towing is always a challenging task throughout the year as it involves a number of technical aspects. However, it becomes even more challenging during the winter in Canada due to heavy snowfall and icy road conditions. The good thing is that a professional towing company is fully equipped with the right tools and equipment to safely tow your vehicles in winter.

Therefore, if you are curious about how the experts maintain the safety of your vehicle in winter, keep reading to learn all about it.

Overall Maintenance Of A Tow Truck

All types of vehicles, including tow trucks, have to be checked and maintained on a regular basis. Tow truck companies maintain their tow trucks and equipment in optimum condition to make sure they are able to tow your vehicles safely and efficiently.

This is done through regular inspections, keeping the tires in great condition, and making sure that proper fluids are added to the tow truck. Additionally, regular inspections and preventative maintenance make sure that the brakes, electrical systems, and lights of the tow trucks are working properly.

Moreover, tow truck drivers have the experience of towing different types of vehicles, due to which they are able to select the right kind of tow truck depending on the weather conditions. Hence, the quality of a towing company is maintained as per the highest standards.

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Select The Right Tires

The traction of a truck’s tire plays a vital role in its efficiency while hauling other vehicles. Weather conditions such as snow and rain can cause a tow truck to have less grip, due to which such weather conditions have a direct impact on the ability of a tow truck to safely tow a vehicle.

Specialized winter tires are used by a tow truck company to ensure maximum traction. These tires make it easier for the tow trucks to stop, accelerate, and turn in different directions, especially while performing heavy-duty towing.

Select The Right Tow Truck

Towing companies, such as AAA Towing, have different types of tow trucks that are used in varying conditions. Hauling heavy equipment and large vehicles in snowy conditions can be difficult, especially over a long distance. An experienced towing company will always select the right tow truck on the basis of the weather conditions and the type of vehicle they have to tow.

Determine The Exact Load

The exact amount of weight present on a tow truck or trailer is an important factor in winter towing services. Generally, it is quite easy to estimate the load by checking the vehicle model. Other than the vehicle’s weight, experienced tow truck drivers also consider any additional weight they might have to carry to ensure safe towing in snowy conditions.

Install Specialized Breaks

A heavy vehicle such as a tow truck can behave unpredictably when you apply its brakes on a slippery road. The best thing to do to ensure maximum traction and control over the tow truck is to install specialized brakes that are capable of handling heavy loads.

A professional tow truck company is familiar with the importance of installing specialized trailer brakes during the winter. Therefore, such companies will upgrade their tow trucks in winter and install suitable tires and brakes to safely fulfil their towing duties.

Other Critical Factors

Other than the top 5 things discussed above, there are some other important factors that every tow truck driver must consider to ensure maximum safety and efficiency while towing in winter.

These factors include always carrying an emergency kit with you to deal with emergency situations, complete maintenance of the truck, and paying attention to the truck’s speed and momentum to avoid skidding.

By following these tips and tricks, a tow truck company is able to provide safe and high-quality towing and roadside assistance services throughout the year.

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