Towing companies tow hundreds and thousands of vehicles daily of various sizes and shapes. Getting your vehicle towed can be a very stressful experience. But most of the time, it is the only option to get your vehicle back up and running.

Towing companies can handle anything from a motorcycle to a tractor. Similarly, dealing with an RV or a passenger bus is not a problem, given they are experienced and professional. The range of help towing companies can offer in times of roadside problems and accidents are difficult to border.

Everyone loves to have a variety of choices when selecting something. However, the variety of options when ordering a towing service can make the decision overwhelming, considering you are in bad condition if you are calling for help.

Therefore, knowing the various types of towing services can make this choice easy. So, here is the basic difference between light, medium, and heavy towing.

What Are The Different Truck Classifications?

Truck classifications are based on the type and gross vehicle rating of a vehicle. The general division of these trucks separates them into three distinct categories.

  • Class A: light-duty vehicles with a gross vehicle rating between 0-16000 pounds.
  • Class B: medium-duty vehicle with gross vehicle rating between 16,001-26000 pounds.
  • Class C: heavy-duty vehicles with gross vehicle rating between 26001-33000 pounds.

Light Duty Towing Classifications

When it comes to light-duty towing, you will commonly find regular and standard towing operations. Some of the services involved in light-duty towing include removing abandoned vehicles, accident recovery, and private property. In short, light-duty towing is what you get when your SUV is stuck on the road with a jammed engine or has been met with an accident. You might get a hook and chain tow truck. The most common light-duty tow truck type you will find being used is flat-deck towing.

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Medium Duty Towing Classifications

If you want to tow vehicles like RVs, vans, motorhomes, and box trucks, you will need to find medium-duty towing services. Tow trucks used to handle this type of towing requirement are commonly fitted with boom lifts, low-profile trailers, and land tolls.

Heavy-duty Towing Classifications

Heavy-duty vehicles include dump trucks, semi-trailers, tractor-trailers, garbage trucks, and other heavy-duty equipment and machinery. These equipment and vehicles are huge investments, and transporting them from one place to another is a risky job.

A minor mistake can cause havoc and cost several hundred dollars. Hence, heavy-duty towing is the most tricky project a towing company can have. Professional towing companies take several prerequisites to get the job done with perfection.

Heavy-duty towing vehicles require special attachments such as winches, 25-boom lifts, 6-ton wheel lifts, and even rotators. All these help in maintaining the balance of the tow truck when excessive loads are loaded. The extra features attached to heavy-duty tow trucks ensure safety for both tow truck drivers and other vehicles and individuals using the same road.


Every situation demands a specific kind of towing solution. Knowing which tow truck to call when stuck on the road with an unroadworthy car can certainly save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

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