In the world of vehicle towing, myths and misconceptions abound, particularly surrounding flatbed towing. Flatbed towing is a method of transporting a vehicle by securing it on a flat platform attached to a tow truck. It is often considered the safest and most efficient way to tow a vehicle.

However, despite its advantages, flatbed towing is also surrounded by some common misconceptions that may deter some people from using it. These misguided beliefs can often lead motorists to make less-than-optimal decisions in their moment of need.

In this blog, as a professional towing company, we will debunk some of these myths and show you why this type of towing is a smart choice for your vehicle.

Myth 1: Flatbed Towing Is Only For Exotic Cars

Flatbed towing is often associated with luxurious and exotic vehicles, leading to the misconception that it’s exclusively designed for high-end cars. In reality, it is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and even motorcycles.

The misconception likely arises from the visibility of flatbed tow trucks at high-profile events, but the truth is that these trucks are equally adept at handling everyday vehicles.

Myth 2: Expensive Form Of Towing

One of the most prevalent myths about flat-deck towing is that it is more costly than other methods of towing, such as dolly towing or hook-and-chain towing. However, this is not necessarily true. The cost of towing depends on various factors, such as the distance, the time, the location, and the type of vehicle.

It may have a higher initial cost, but it can save you money in the long run by avoiding potential damage to your vehicle that may require costly repairs. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of accidents, as the towed vehicle is more stable and secure on the platform.

Therefore, flatbed towing can be a worthwhile investment for your vehicle’s safety and longevity.

Myth 3: Limited To Long Distances

Some believe that flat-deck towing is only necessary for long-distance transportation. However, its versatility makes it suitable for various scenarios, regardless of the distance. Whether you need to transport your vehicle locally, across state lines, or even within the same city, a flat-deck tow truck provides a secure and stable means of transportation.

Myth 4: Not Available For All Types Of Vehicles

Another common myth is that this type of towing is not suitable or available for all types of vehicles. However, this is also false. Flatbed towing can accommodate almost any kind of vehicle, regardless of its size, shape, or condition. Whether you have a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a boat, or even a classic or exotic vehicle, flatbed tow trucks can handle it.

It is especially recommended for vehicles that have special features or requirements, such as:

  • All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Low-clearance vehicles, such as sports cars or luxury cars
  • Non-drivable vehicles, such as vehicles that are damaged, broken, or stuck
  • Classic or exotic vehicles, such as vintage cars or rare models

Not Safe Or Reliable

The last myth we will address is that flatbed towing is not safe or reliable. This is also untrue. This towing is one of the safest and most reliable methods of towing, as it offers several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced wear and tear on the towed vehicle, as the wheels, tires, suspension, and transmission are not in contact with the road
  • Reduced risk of damage to the towed vehicle, as the vehicle is secured on the platform and does not sway, bounce, or drag behind the tow truck
  • Reduced risk of accidents, as the towed vehicle is more visible and stable on the platform and does not affect the maneuverability or braking of the tow truck
  • Reduced risk of theft or vandalism, as the towed vehicle is not accessible or exposed to anyone on the road.

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