What Are The Most Common Dangers Of Driving In The Spring?

During winter when the roads are covered with snow, driving becomes a very difficult task, but since spring has just started it means that warmer and longer days have arrived and you will not have to worry about snow-covered roads.

Majority of people enjoy driving in spring as you don’t have to worry about sliding on icy roads or getting stuck in a snowstorm and it is believed that better weather makes for safer driving conditions.

But driving in spring is also not a bed of roses as there are a number of hurdles that can put your life in danger.

The shift from winter to spring driving causes many accidents because during the winter people are very cautious while driving on snow and ice but while driving in spring people become carefree and relaxed which causes a lot of accidents.

So if while driving in the spring you get stuck on the road just call a certified towing company and get immediate roadside assistance.

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In this blog post, we will outline the most common dangers of driving in the spring and will list some important points that you should keep in mind to ensure safety while driving.

Dangers Of Driving In The Spring

While you might think that the spring season might not pose as much danger as the winter season, this is not true as constant rainfall combined with the warm sun can make road conditions dangerous and can lead to accidents.

Here are a few of the dangers of driving in spring that you should be aware of:


In spring there are no storms and snow, but winter leaves its mark on the road long after the weather thaws.

In the winter plows are constantly on the road to clean the ice and snow from the roads for drivers.

But during this process, the plows often gauge out chunks of the road and the freezing and thawing of the snow contracts the concrete which leaves behind massive potholes.

In the winter the snow fills the potholes hence their presence does not have any impact on drivers and vehicles.

But once the warmer season kicks off, the snow melts and leaves behind deep holes in the road that can cause serious damage to vehicles and can lead to traffic accidents.

The spring season makes it even more difficult to spot potholes as during the spring heavy rainfall often fills the potholes up with water making it difficult for drivers to spot them.

So, while driving if you hit a pothole, your vehicle will suffer severe damages like broken rims, popped tires and might even damage the suspension or the wheel alignment of your vehicle.

Not only are these damages expensive to fix but they will also disrupt traffic and halt the flow of traffic for a long period of time.

The only way to avoid hitting the potholes is by keeping a close eye on the road while driving in spring and by leaving enough space between your car and the vehicle in front of you.

But if you ever hit a pothole and damage your car, call a certified towing company and get your car towed to a nearby repair shop.

Sun Glare

Another hazard of driving in the spring is sun glare, as a beautiful spring drive can quickly turn into a nightmare due to harsh sun glare.

Sun glare is the most common factor of accidents. Sun glare hazards are seen during sunset and sunrise as during these times the sun is often directly in the line of sight of drivers which makes it very difficult for them to drive.

So, while driving during sunset and sunrise you need to pay extra attention on the road and wear sunglasses to block the sun’s glare.

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