Heavy vehicle breakdowns are disruptive for businesses. Commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers and others require immediate attention when they start acting up on the road. Even the slightest ignorance can cause hours or days of non-activity and downtime for business, causing monetary and schedule losses.

However, not all repair centers offer specific heavy-duty towing, recovery, and roadside assistance services. Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped to handle enormous amounts of weight, and with the right tools, they can easily tow commercial vehicles safely and efficiently. These trucks have the extra pulling capacity, rotation ability, and tremendous stability. This enables heavy-duty tow trucks to stay stable even after loading heavy commercial vehicles, unlike ordinary, smaller tow trucks.

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Which Vehicles Can Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks Tow?

Typically, heavy-duty tow trucks have more significant engines with broader and longer chassis. This feature provides a solid stance for the tow trucks. Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with hooks, extendable hydraulic lifts, and winches like ordinary tow trucks. Here is a list of some of the commercial vehicles that need exceptional heavy-duty towing service when out-of-order.

Tractor Trailers

Tractor-trailers are gigantic commercial vehicles. A simple mechanical or technical problem can cause breakdowns. These breakdowns can cause the tractor-trailer to disengage, and serious roadside accidents can lead to overturning these humongous vehicles.

The tow drivers’ experience can help you get the tractor-trailer out using heavy-duty towing methods. The cables can keep the truck upright and safely on the ground. Once the tractor and trailer are separated, the vehicle can easily be towed.

Straight Trucks

Another vehicle that can be towed by a heavy-duty tow truck is a straight truck. Straight trucks are very long; they, on average, have 12 foot long beds. If driving these long, consecutive trucks requires skills, then towing this vehicle surely poses a next-level challenge.

However, these long beds are relatively easy to tow when you select a reliable and professional heavy-duty towing service where the trucks are properly equipped to do the job.

Bus Or Recreational Vehicles

Another type of vehicle that can be towed using heavy-duty towing techniques and trucks is buses. Recreational vehicles or buses present a unique challenge for towing due to their size, weight, and length. The biggest threat to towing buses is ground grinding and skitting.

Modern, sophisticated tow trucks owned by professional towing companies like ours are equipped and designed to overcome the threat of skitting and ground grinding, especially when towing buses over long distances.

Motorhomes And RVs

Another unique challenge for towing professionals is motorhomes and RVs. They also require sophisticated heavy-duty towing services due to their size and weight. They also require special care as they are not as strong as trucks, so extra careful handling is needed when towing motorhomes.

Similarly, although considered burdensome, RVs are still challenging to tow, one because of their weight and another because of their sensitivity to alignment. However, modern and advanced heavy-duty tow trucks are designed and equipped with specialized, sensitive wheel lift technology to safely and effectively lift large motorhomes and RVs. Professional towing service providers will never damage or put stress on your RV or motorhome while towing it.


Conclusively, all the vehicles used for commercial purposes, besides smaller vans and cars, need heavy-duty towing services to be lifted and safely transported to a repair center or any other desired destination.

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