Getting stuck in sub-zero temperatures due to a malfunctioning vehicle is the last thing anyone would want. However, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, here is what you can do to keep yourself and your car safe.

Getting stuck on the road when the strong winds are gusting and the snow is coming down at immense speed, there may be no time for you to think about survival and you may let your anxiety get the best of you. The following actions can help you get out of the situation quickly or at least stay composed until your towing company representatives arrive.

Move Out Of Harm’s Way

Stopping on a busy highway or road can be more dangerous as the chances of collision are very high. So if your car has enough gas and the battery isn’t dead, we recommend that you switch on the emergency lights and pull over to the right-hand shoulder of the road as quickly as possible. However, if you think you can’t make it to the right shoulder, opt for the left, but make sure that you are as away from traffic as possible.

However, in the unfortunate event where you cannot make it to either shoulder or there isn’t one to pull over into. Try to move to a control stop and turn all four of your flashlights on.

Stay In Your Car

If you get stuck in the snow, never get out of your car. Stay inside. Try to turn the engine on from time to time to get warmth. Make sure that the exhaust pipe is not covered with snow. Remember to keep the window open for ventilation.

Call your roadside assistance to get you out of the situation. Along with this, update a family member or friend about your location and the situation you are in. Doing so helps them get to you if it takes longer to get your vehicle back on the road.

Keep The Windows Clear Of Snow

If your car runs out of gas and there is no gas station nearby, know that you will have to call a .fuel-delivery service However, it will take them some time to arrive after you call them.

To keep safe till then, make sure to stay in your car and only open the window slightly for ventilation. Make sure to keep the snow away from the windows to let the others on the road know that there is someone in the car.

Caught Outside

If you are locked out of your car in a snowstorm, it is best not to perform any DIY solutions and call professional lockout services.

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However, before doing anything, make sure that you are safe from the harsh weather. Try to find a shelter and move under it. Cover your ears and face with the help of a scarf to prevent suffocation due to strong winds and snow.

Pack An Emergency Kit

All the above-mentioned actions are strictly onsite. However, before going on a road trip or even regular driving, you can act preemptively and pack a safety kit. As it is said, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Even a well-maintained car can give up in harsh Canadian winter weather. In this case, an emergency kit can be life-saving.

The kit should include; a shovel, a snow brush, an ice scraper, windscreen washer fluid, extra clothes, boots, energy bars, booster cables, batteries, flashlights, bottled water, and a first aid kit.

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