Have you ever been stranded on a busy Calgary street with a car refusing to cooperate? It’s a stressful situation! While a disabled vehicle can be stressful, getting the right help can make all the difference. You might be wondering what type of tow truck to call.

Many Calgary car owners are yet to discover the empowering benefits of a flatbed tow truck. This blog post aims to enlighten you about the key advantages of flatbed towing and why it’s the safest option for your precious cars.

Uncover why choosing a flatbed tow truck through a reliable Calgary towing service can be the most informed decision for your vehicle’s needs.

Flatbeds To The Rescue

Unlike the classic tow truck image of a vehicle with a hooked undercarriage, a flatbed tow truck boasts an entirely different design. Imagine a robust truck with a hydraulically operated flatbed platform at the back.

This flatbed can be lowered to near ground level, allowing for a smooth and safe loading process for almost any vehicle.

Here’s the key difference: With a flatbed tow truck, your car is winched entirely onto the flatbed platform. This eliminates the need for dragging or wheels making contact with the road during transport. This complete support makes flatbed towing a safe and secure option for your car.

Flatbed Towing Benefits

Now that you know how flatbed tow trucks operate, let’s delve into the real benefits they offer for your car:

1. Reduced Risk Of Damage

This is a significant advantage. Traditional towing methods, where your car is dragged with wheels on the ground, can cause severe damage to the transmission, drivetrain, and undercarriage.

Flatbed towing eliminates this risk by securely lifting your car onto the platform, protecting these vital components during transport.

2. Safer For All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Flatbed towing is the clear winner if you own a car with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system. Traditional towing on two wheels can strain the AWD system, potentially causing damage.

Flatbeds ensure safe transportation for your AWD vehicle by keeping all four wheels off the ground.

3. Security And Stability

Imagine cruising down the highway with a disabled car in tow behind you. Suddenly, you hit a bump or uneven pavement.

Traditional towing could cause the towed car to bounce or swerve erratically, creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

Flatbeds eliminate this worry. Flatbed towing provides unmatched stability and security during transport by securely winching your car onto the flatbed platform and strapping it down.

4. Suitable For Cars In Any Condition

A flatbed towing can handle a flat tire, locked wheels, a dead battery, or even a significant accident. Unlike traditional towing, which may struggle with certain situations, flatbeds can safely tow cars in any condition.

This makes them the ideal choice for any roadside emergency in Calgary.

5. Transport Of Lowered Vehicles

Do you love the look of a lowered car? While traditional tow trucks might have difficulty maneuvering under a lowered vehicle, flatbeds come to the rescue. The flat platform design allows for easy and safe loading of lowered cars, ensuring no damage occurs during transport.

When Calgary Calls For A Flatbed?

With all these advantages in mind, you might wonder when to call for a flatbed tow truck in Calgary. Here are some critical situations where a flatbed shines:

1. Flat Tire

A flat tire can happen anywhere, anytime. While you might be tempted to use a traditional tow truck for a quick fix, consider the potential damage to your transmission and undercarriage.

In Calgary, a flatbed tow truck is the safer option, ensuring your car gets to a repair shop without further issues.

2. Locked Wheels

Locked wheels can make traditional towing impossible, whether due to a parking brake malfunction or a mechanical issue. Flatbed tow trucks rescue you by winching your car entirely onto the platform, regardless of the wheel condition.

3. Accidents And Breakdowns

Accidents and breakdowns can leave your car inoperable and in an unsafe location. A flatbed tow truck is the best choice for a safe and efficient recovery, particularly after an accident.

Our Calgary towing services specialize in accident recovery using flatbed tow trucks, ensuring your car is transported safely and securely to a repair shop.

4. Inoperable Vehicles

Your car may have a dead battery or a major mechanical failure. Whatever the reason, if your car is completely inoperable, a flatbed tow truck is the only safe option for getting it to a mechanic.

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