Your Guide To Towing A Motorcycle

Motorcycles can break down on the road and need towing services, especially if you own a heavy bike that is causing problems and not running well, you might need to hire a professional towing company.

Towing trucks for motorcycles take them to a nearby mechanic or to another location, as per your demands. AAA Towing offers reliable motorcycle towing services to its customers in Calgary and surrounding areas. Whether you have a standard bike, a heavy bike, a touring bike, or a scooter, we have a range of trucks and towing vehicles available to transport your bike anywhere you want safely.

Many people doubt getting towing services for a bike and drag them on their own. This dragging not only puts a strain on the tires and chain of the motorcycle but is also extremely inconvenient for you. Therefore, it is wise to hire a motorcycle towing company in such scenarios. This blog post will guide you about motorcycle towing services, so that you will have the knowledge you need to help yourself in the event that your motorcycle breaks down.

How Do You Find A Towing Company For Motorcycles?

Towing companies that offer towing services for other types of vehicles usually also offer towing services for bikes as well. They have the required towing vehicles and trucks to transfer every kind of bike to a safe place.

You can call a towing company in your area and ask them whether they provide towing services for motorcycles or not. Most of the time, it is possible that they will provide towing services for bikes too.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Motorcycle?

This will depend on the towing company as they charge based on different factors. They might tow your bike for free for some kilometers, but then charge per kilometer after that.

Local towing includes a distance of five to ten miles, so if you have to tow under this range companies won’t charge you much. The price for this distance range may vary from fifty to one hundred dollars but will largely depend on the company and its pricing policy.

Long-distance exceeds the distance mentioned above, and thus, you will have to pay more. Moreover, there may be a hookup fee and a towing fee charged separately. Not only this, there are different types of tow trucks and vehicles to tow motorcycles. Therefore, it is better to consult your towing company about their price structure and how much they will charge you.

Can You Easily Tow A Motorcycle?

Towing a motorcycle is not an easy job, and only a professional towing company can do it safely. Hiring a reliable towing company becomes even more important when your bike is a valuable one. Towing a bike might not be easy, but it is possible and safe if you follow the procedures and have the right equipment.

A flatbed truck is the most commonly used to tow a motorcycle. It is used to tow a motorcycle on a flatbed and secure it with the help of straps, ropes, locks, and more. This way, the bike remains in its position and doesn’t move when the truck turns or stops.

What Is The Maximum A Towing Company Can Charge?

The cost of a towing company will depend on several factors while towing a motorcycle. However, towing a bike costs less than towing a car or any other vehicle. Therefore, the company should not charge you more than $300.

But, the final cost will depend on the distance to be covered to transport the motorcycle to the desired location. If the destination is far, the company might charge you more than the price mentioned above.

AAA Towing Offers Motorcycle Towing Services

AAA Towing is a Calgary towing service. We are your partner in towing your bike to any location you want. AAA Towing’s specialized equipment eliminates any risks of your motorcycle tipping during the loading, transporting, and unloading process.

We are fully insured and keep your vehicle safe as long as it is with us. Not only this, the latest technologies of AAA Towing, transporting equipment, and safety attachments ensure you are 100% satisfied with our motorcycle towing services. If you want to know about our motorcycle towing or other services, you can contact us here or read about our specialized services.

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