When Should You Call A Towing Company?

These days, motorists often overlook the idea of getting stuck in the middle of the road due to a possible car breakdown or accident. No doubt modern vehicles are much more reliable than the automobiles we had in the past. Still, emergencies can sometimes become inevitable, leaving the unfortunate ones deserted, alone, and scared on the side of the road. In these circumstances, to get help as quickly as possible, people often make the wrong decision of calling a fraudulent or incompetent towing company.

However, suppose you already have contact information of a few reliable and professional towing companies operating in your region and know their deals and expertise. In that case, you can quickly make a decision and save yourself some much needed time and money. Below are some of the circumstances that can force you to make a call to your expert towing company.

Vehicle Breakdown

A vehicle breakdown can happen to anyone at any time. It may occur due to a mechanical problem such as brake and engine malfunction or may happen due to other reasons such as a dead battery, low-quality fuel, overlooked leaks or missings, and more.

Whatever the reason may be, it is crucial to turn on your hazard lights and call a towing company right away before you get out of the car to get some help. Turning your hazard lights on will help incoming traffic notice your vehicle and reduce collision risk.

AAA Towing provides battery boosting- 12/24 Volts and fuel delivery services (up to 10 liters). If your vehicle ever breaks down due to a minor or major fault, call us right away, and we’ll be there to aid you and your car to get you back on the road in no time.


No one wishes to get involved in any kind of road accident. However, if the unfortunate incident does occur, it may leave your car immobilized or dangerous to drive. Continuing to drive during this time may even cause your vehicle more damage and make the situation worse for you. So, if God forbid an accident happens, you should know who to call to immediately come and help you tow your vehicle to safety, manage the incident, and clean up the accident debris.

AAA Towing provides fast response and quality service to its customers. We deal with various towing services, including incident management and accident cleanup. Call us right away to avail our quick and affordable services!

Vehicle Lock Out Situation

Getting yourself locked out of your car while you were out to run a quick errand can make you feel frustrated and angry. And while it may feel like your day just became worse, you can easily get things under control in no time by calling the right towing company.

We would suggest that you don’t try to unlock your vehicle yourself unless you are a professional, as it can damage your car. A good towing company can help you out quickly.

AAA Towing offers unlocking services for opening up your car door safely and efficiently. Therefore, the next time you are in such a situation, instead of panicking, call us for our affordable and quick lockout services.

You Have Run Out Of Gas

We all lead busy lives, and while it is of extreme necessity that we always check our gas tanks before we leave for work, home, or any other trip in our vehicle, sometimes we forget about it and end up getting stuck in an immovable car. When this happens, always know that towing companies in your region are willing to help you at any time of the day.

AAA Towing provides fuel delivery services (up to 10 liters) in Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, and surrounding areas.

Your Vehicle Requires Winching Services

Ever been caught in a ditch, mud, or snow? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Numerous drivers in Calgary and surrounding areas have had the experience of having their vehicles become stuck in a snowbank or ditch. And while it may be close to impossible to try to get your car out of this situation on your own, you can always call a reliable towing company to help you out.

AAA Towing provides winching services, which is the easiest and most common way of retrieving a stuck car. We are well-equipped and provide prompt roadside assistance whenever you need it.

These are some of the situations when you can call a towing company. For more information on AAA Towing’s various services, visit our website or call us today at 403-287-9612.

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