What Is Wheel Lift Towing, And Is It Good For Your Vehicle?

Towing is an essential rescue service that is availed by many especially when their vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere for one reason or another. There are several types of towing services, one of them being wheel lift towing. Wheel lift towing is an efficient way to transport a vehicle to a safe location after its breakdown. However, its applicability depends on the cars’ position, the type of vehicle you drive, and where you’re headed.

A wheel-lift tow truck involves an attachment that lifts the car or truck by a set of axles. Moreover, there are different types of wheel lifts, so we will dig into the details and see whether this method is suitable for your vehicle or not.

What Is Wheel Lift Towing?

As the name suggests, wheel lift towing involves towing a vehicle by lifting its wheels. Tow trucks designed to wheel lift a vehicle are equipped with a metal yoke that fits underneath either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to be towed. The remaining two wheels are left on the ground. A wheel lift tow truck has hydraulic bars that slip under the vehicle to lift it. The decision to lift the rear or front wheels will depend on the transmission of the car.

Different Types Of Wheel Lift Towing

Hidden Wheel-Lift

This is also called an underbody or under-mount wheel lift. These wheel lifts are hidden under the truck, which means they are not visible and leave plenty of space in the truck bed for normal use. However, the truck’s frame has to be modified to install them, and it is a difficult process. Another concern is that a hidden wheel lift’s position under a vehicle makes it hard to get to the necessary point. Hence, it takes more time to get the vehicle ready for towing.

Slide-in Wheel-Lift

This one is a popular choice in the towing business, as most towing companies prefer this type of wheel lifting. In this process, the lifts are attached to the bed of the truck. It doesn’t require any frame reinforcement. This kind of wheel lift is less exposed to the roads’ elements as compared to the hidden type. Therefore, this type of truck has a longer lifespan.

Why Is Understanding Your Car Necessary?

Understanding your car is necessary to ensure that you can opt for wheel-lift towing. Know about the drive system of your car. Cars with four-wheel drive are recommended to be towed this way. Therefore, it is important to check your vehicle’s manual and ensure that it allows wheel lift towing.

The Benefits Of Wheel Lift Towing

There are many benefits of wheel lift towing if done correctly. Furthermore, it has advantages over traditional hook-and-chain towing. In the hook-and-chain method, the chain is tied to the car’s axles, while in wheel lift towing, the metal yoke lifts the car by its tires. Therefore, it doesn’t put pressure on the car’s axles, and thus, your vehicle remains safe from damage.

Another benefit of wheel lift towing is that it makes it easy to maneuver the car. For example, if your car’s battery dies while parallel parked, wheel lift towing can easily tow your car without damaging any nearby cars.

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