What To Do When Your Exotic Car Breaks Down?

Exotic cars can go for more than a lifetime if taken care of properly. And while they are a substantial investment, they hold a unique sentimental value in their owner’s heart. This is because, more often than not, people buy them to fulfill their lifelong dream of owning a classic car and less often do it for a status symbol. This makes them very special to their owners.

Unfortunately, exotic cars, too, can break down and may require roadside assistance and towing services. And when this happens, owners must do everything they can to avail the services of only the most professional towing company operating in that area.

The reason behind this is that an amateur towing company can severely damage the car and may not have the right skills and tools to tow your exotic vehicle safely to its destination.

Here is what you can do if your exotic car breaks down in the middle of the road:

Be Prepared

For anyone who has ever owned an exotic car, the thought of having it towed can be a little scary. But sometimes, situations arise where it becomes impossible to avoid having to call a tow company. These situations can include a car break down or, even worse, a car accident, or having to tow your vehicle for sale or purchase purposes.

So, if an emergency like this does occur, make sure you contact a towing company and request an enclosed trailer to transport your exotic car. Most classic cars should not be towed with a front or rear lift truck to damage the vehicle. The enclosed trailer will ensure a safe and secure tow.

Get Off The Road

When you’re driving an exotic car, and it breaks down suddenly, your first instinct may be to panic. However, in this situation, it is essential to keep in mind that your car’s safety is important, but so is yours!

The first thing you should do is move your car as far off the road as possible. If the vehicle has become immovable, then turn on your hazard lights, pull the emergency brake, park the car where it is, lock it, and then carefully leave the car and walk to a safe place on the road, away from oncoming traffic. Doing this will ensure your safety and will make other drivers aware of your situation.

If, however, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, then in this situation, remain in your car and wait for a tow company to arrive.

Call A Professional Towing Company

When it comes to towing exotic cars, it is best to leave it to the professionals. There are many reasons for this, some of them include;

  • Professional towing companies like AAA Towing are fully insured, and if something does happen to your car during the towing process, they’ll be responsible for the repair instead of you.
  • An unethical and unprofessional company may charge you hidden fees.
  • An experienced towing company will have the necessary tools and skills to tow your expensive car safely.
  • Additionally, a professional towing company will have services to cater to your needs. For example, if you request enclosed trailer towing, your vehicle will be much safer during the towing process.
  • A professional tow truck company will have the experience to transport your car safely and correctly.
  • Calling a professional company will save you the headache, money, and time while you wait for your car to reach a safe location.

AAA Towing provides affordable and professional towing services and specializes in exotic car towing in enclosed trailers. If you ever need to tow your exotic car in Calgary or in surrounding areas, feel free to call us at 403-287-9612.

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