What Happens If My Uninsured Car Is Towed After An Accident?

If you have been in an accident and your car received damage, chances are that you will need to tow it. Towing a car without any insurance can be problematic. You have to consider many factors and analyze the situation carefully to ensure you do not overpay for anything.

A professional towing service will help you in this regard and charge you at a reasonable rate. AAA Towing is a towing service that operates in Calgary and surrounding areas.

If you are thinking about getting your uninsured vehicle towed smartly, this blog post will help you. Below we mention a few important points to help you get your car towed after an accident.

How Much Does Towing Costs?

The cost of towing a vehicle depends on the company providing the service. However, it might range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The towing company might charge you according to per mile or per hour. It depends on its policy of charging its customers. There might be other costs and fuel sur-charges or extra labor needed if you were driving a heavy vehicle.

If you have to park your car in a tow yard, there will be extra charges for that. The towing price will also depend on the type of tow truck that you want to tow your vehicle with. All these factors contribute to the towing cost. AAA Towing is clear and transparent regarding costs, and there are no hidden charges.

Who Will Pay If Your Car Is Not Insured?

Having an insured car is beneficial as your insurance company will pay for the damages and the towing fee after a car accident. However, if your car is uninsured, you will be paying for any towing costs and damage done to the vehicle.

What you will get from your insurance company depends on the insurance policy of the company. If you have purchased collision coverage, your insurance company will pay for the damages after the accident. Some insurance companies also include towing and roadside service insurance as a separate facility. If you purchase that, your insurance company will also pay to have your car towed and other roadside services such as a flat tire, gas delivery, car lock-out, and more.

You should call your insurance company if an accident occurs and you require a towing service. They will guide you on what steps you should take next to claim your insurance. Your insurance company will either pay the amount on the spot or ask you to pay and reimburse you later.

Where Will The Towing Company Tow Your Car?

You can choose any towing company of your choice or the one supported by your insurance provider. You are also free to choose any workshop if your car is not insured. After towing, you can ask the tow driver to take you any place you want. Many people don’t prefer to have their damaged car taken to a salvage yard. This saves them from having to pay storage fees.

Rather, they prefer to have their vehicle taken to their home and then call their mechanic later. Beware of towing scams in this phase, as some companies might take advantage of your situation and suggest you take your vehicle to their mechanic. However, it is better to call a mechanic with whom you have worked so they know the ins and outs of your car and can solve the issue as soon as possible.

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