When To Use A Flatbed Towing Service

The importance of roadside assistance services can not be emphasised enough. In today’s age and era, getting stuck on the road for one reason or another has become quite common. While it is advisable to avail the services of a professional towing company, many people choose to handle things on their own. Some people decide to have their car towed by another car or call a relative to handle the situation.

However, what they fail to realise is that vehicle recovery and towing requires a certain level of expertise and profound experience. Handling the matter personally may lead to more damage.

There are numerous reasons one may require roadside assistance. You may either have:

  • A flat tire with no spare in the trunk
  • A dead car battery
  • Ran out of fuel
  • Met an accident
  • Or your car broke down

Whichever the case, a reliable towing company will either solve the issue right on the spot for you or advise taking your vehicle to a nearby service station. If the latter is required, which type of towing service should you choose?

We suggest you opt for a flatbed towing service in such circumstances. In this blog, we shall discuss flatbed towing in detail and also look at why and when you should select it.

Flatbed Tow Trucks – When And Why One Should Use Them

Roadside assistance providers put forth a wide range of services and towing is just one of them. Even towing itself has subcategories and one amongst these is flatbed towing.

What Is Flatbed Towing?

In this method of towing a truck or trailer with a flatbed or deck on its rear is used to tow a vehicle from one location to another. These flatbed tow trucks are the most preferred types due to the numerous advantages they have over other means of towing. Their ability to lift a vehicle completely off the ground makes them quite convenient.

Specific Situations That Necessitate Flatbed Towing

Although flatbed towing is a preferred option for almost any situation that requires such a service, there are a few circumstances that obligate the use of flatbed tow trucks. These include:

When a 4-wheel drive car needs towing – Usually, one may easily tow a front-wheel-drive car with a dolly. This is because only the front wheels of such cars are connected to the driveshaft. Hence, when the front wheels are lifted using a dolly the back wheels can easily spin which aids the car’s movement.

However, doing the same to an all-wheel-drive car may damage the connection between the wheels and the drive shaft. Hence, flatbed towing will suit such vehicles better.

When a vehicle is too expensive – Undeniably, towing with a dolly can be risky. There is always a chance that the vehicle may disentangle from the dolly and fall off. Hence, when your vehicle is expensive or very precious, it is better to use flatbed towing service to transport it.

When a vehicle needs to travel a long distance – Even in the case of a front-wheel-drive car, it is worth noting that the dolly exerts a pulling pressure on the back wheels of your vehicle resulting in increased wear and tear. Doing the latter over a long distance may deteriorate the wheels to a great extent.

Thus, one should resort to a flatbed towing service for long distances.

What Makes Flatbed Towing The Best Option?


Unlike other types of towing services that are suitable for only specific types of vehicles, flatbed trucks can tow a variety of vehicles. Whether it is a sports car, front while drive car, all-wheel-drive car, vintage vehicle, or even a boat, flatbed towing can take care of them all.


Since flatbed tow services carry a vehicle instead of pulling it, a lot of time is saved. Instead of wasting hours pulling a vehicle to a specific location, one can easily carry it to a location through flatbed towing.

Protection From Additional Harm

As mentioned earlier, dragging and pulling a vehicle will result in further deterioration of its condition. The latter can be avoided if one uses flatbed tow trucks.

Ability To Carry More Than One Vehicle

Flatbed tow trucks have the capacity and strength to carry more than one vehicle at a time. Hence, in case of a sudden collision on a highway or any busy area, one tow truck will suffice the need to carry more than one vehicle resulting in the swift clearing of the road.

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