Top Reasons To Obtain Flat-Deck Towing Services In Calgary, Alberta

When it comes to car-related problems, like mechanical issues, accidents, or any other roadside emergency in Calgary, hiring a dedicated towing company’s services can help you in many useful ways. While there are many different types of towing companies in Alberta, the ones that stand out the most provide all the essential towing services, including flat-deck towing, equipment hauling, vehicle recovery, and more.

A flatbed tow truck is the best option for transporting certain vehicle types among all tow truck types. They are specifically designed in a way that makes carrying automobiles of various weights and shapes easier. These trucks are commonly used to transfer vehicles such as unique and exotic cars, motorcycles, and other wheels from one place to another safely and efficiently.

It’s increasingly challenging to handle most flat-deck towing projects, mainly due to the type of vehicle to be transported. Only tow truck operators with increased knowledge, skills, and experience can safely transport your car to its destination. Since you never know when your car will break down, it’s best to keep a reliable tow truck company on speed dial.

The following are some of the reasons why you should avail flat-deck towing service in Calgary, Alberta:

Provides Increased Car Safety

When transporting your luxury car on a flatbed tow truck, your vehicle doesn’t come in direct contact with the road surface. This significantly reduces wear and tear that could, otherwise, occur in the case of misaligned movable parts if your car is towed on the road.

Long-distance towing is usually a desirable measure when transporting classic wheels. Experienced towing specialists will always cover your unique car’s central parts, like transmission, engine parts, and alternative devices, during this process. They will also avoid pulling your vehicle on its wheels to maintain your vehicle in its perfect condition.

Transports Multiple Vehicle Types

It doesn’t matter what kind of automobile you need to take from one place to another; a flatbed tow truck can carry vehicles of various sizes and weights. Irrespective of the total distance to be covered, it’s easy to transport your car on time using a flat-deck trucking method.

A flatbed truck utilizes a flat surface that does not have any bumps. This helps prevent possible damage to your vehicle during the transportation procedure. Experienced flatbed tow truck drivers will maintain your car’s inertia expertly when using flat-deck towing. No matter if you have an SUV or a sedan, a flatbed tow truck can take care of your needs.

Saves More Time

Flatbed tow trucks have excellent efficiency. They can carry all types of vehicles without compromising on speed. This is because there’s no fear of the car slipping or displacing it from its original space during the hauling process. Finally, it’s best to utilize a flat-deck towing service as a quick ride if you require a quick fix for your car.

Relatively Convenient Method

When using traditional towing methods such as using a dolly, there’s a possibility of your car’s transmission getting damaged. To avoid such issues, you’ll need to remove your vehicle’s driveshaft, making the towing project even more complicated and time-consuming.

Transporting a vehicle on a flat-deck tow truck is relatively simple and highly convenient. There’s no need to remove your automobile’s drive shaft during this process. The tow truck operators can quickly drive your car onto the flatbed truck’s ramp and secure your vehicle in its place for safe and quick transport.

AAA Towing offers fast and reliable flat-deck towing services to help you with your car’s safe recovery and transport across Calgary and its surrounding areas. Click here to learn more about our flat-deck towing service or contact us for personalized service.

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