Top Reasons To Call A Motorcycle Towing Service

Most people generally associate the term ‘towing’ with four-wheeled vehicles that break down in the middle of the road and require transport or towing over a flatbed truck to a nearby mechanic’s shop. But, what about the cases when a two-wheeled vehicle like a motorcycle requires towing?

Yes, you heard that right! Two-wheeled vehicles like motorcycles and bikes could also need towing to specific locations over a flatbed or enclosed trailer. Although most motorcycle owners prefer a more convenient option of using tow bars to tow their vehicle behind any car, it is often not the best choice. This is especially true if you’re going to pull your motorcycle over a long distance.

Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that even your most trusted motorcycle can break down in the middle of nowhere, and you might have to get it towed by a truck to get it to a safe location without damaging it. Below we mention some common reasons to have your motorcycle towed by a professional towing company.

You Have A Dead Battery

If your bike is not starting and you’re stuck on the road, you’re going to need a mechanic to have a look at it. If you’re clear of all the other reasons, such as low gas, blocked airbox, clogged fuel tank, or loose spark plug wire, then your bike likely failed to start because of a dead battery.

The battery is the lifeline of your motorcycle’s entire electrical system. If you have a dead or a weak battery on your hands, the starter motor will fail to turn the engine over and start your bike.

The starter motor is fully dependent on the battery and requires a high voltage to crank up the engine. Some signs of a dead or weak battery are:

  • Your headlights and backlights are not working at all or have become dimmer than usual
  • Your emergency horn or radio isn’t working
  • Your bike’s battery indicator is on

In case of a dead battery, you’re most likely going to need to tow it to a nearby garage or mechanic’s shop for assessment.

You Have Run Out Of Gas

Running out of gas is a common issue that could cause motorcycle drivers to become stranded on the road. Motorcycle tanks hold less fuel than a car’s tank, and if owners are not vigilant enough to keep an eye on their fuel levels, they might end up with low or no gas at all. Low fuel levels could also be a reason why your bike isn’t starting.

Running out of gas can be embarrassing, but not when you have a trusted towing company just a call away. AAA Towing can safely tow your motorcycle to the nearest fuel stop and can get you back on the road in no time.

You Have A Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire is common with all sorts of vehicles. Anything on the road can puncture your wheels leaving you stranded on the road. If your bike has tubeless tires and you have a repair kit with the essential tools with you, it is possible to plug and repair it on the roadside. However, even this easy fix can sometimes become dangerous due to road traffic and other such reasons.

Therefore, if your motorcycle gets a flat tire and you’re in a dangerous position, it’s best to call a motorcycle tow truck and have it towed to a repair shop.

You Were Involved In A Collision

Getting into an accident or a collision is never pleasant. And once you’ve been in an accident, you mustn’t ride your bike until you get it thoroughly inspected by a mechanic.

A collision can disturb the mechanical and electrical work of a motorcycle and may even damage its engine. To avoid getting into a major problem by driving a damaged bike, you should play it safe and call a motorcycle tow truck to take it to a nearby mechanic’s shop.

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