Top Features To Look For In A Tow Truck

Tow trucks are a real help when your vehicle has broken down or just been met with an accident. They consist of several features, such as big flatbeds, strong hooks, and other technical features that make them suitable to tow even the heaviest of vehicles. A professional tow truck company ensures that all of its towing trucks are in good condition and ready to perform at any time.

However, not every tow truck is in perfect condition. So, you have to be picky about tow trucks and select the most suitable ones for your requirements. Plus, not all tow trucks are created equal. Some of them are designed to tow heavier vehicles, while others are suitable for small vehicles. These are designed to tow vehicles from tight spaces or underground parking lots.

This makes it necessary to consider some important features when choosing a tow truck. So, when you are about to call a towing company you know which features to look for in a tow truck. This blog post lists the top features to consider in a tow truck.

The Towing Capacity Of The Tow Truck

The most significant feature to look for in any tow truck is its towing capacity. Tow trucks have different capacities as compared to a passenger or a normal truck.

Some are designed to tow light vehicles such as a motorbike or a car while others cater to heavier vehicles, such as another truck, tractor, or trailer. Other features such as horsepower, torque, and body strength, also need to be considered when considering the towing capacity of a tow truck.

So, while choosing the truck’s towing capacity, make sure that it is much higher than its weight; otherwise, you will damage both the vehicle and the tow truck.

Flatbed Trucks Capacity

Flatbed tow trucks are a little different from the ones you are accustomed to seeing. They have a flatbed at the back, where vehicles are placed and secured. However, there are different types of flatbed tow trucks, and each of them perform a separate job.

They vary according to their shapes, sizes, and maximum load capacities. Knowing their shape and load capacity is important so you know which vehicle can be towed on a particular flatbed truck. Thus, you are advised to carefully consider the size and capacity before using it for towing.

Considering Chassis Design

Considering chassis design is another important factor when choosing a tow truck. The chassis design is the internal body frame of the truck or trailer that supports the vehicle. It shapes the vehicle’s base, and the chassis design can improve the vehicle’s strength.

It is better to choose a tow truck with the frame and body joined. These trucks are stronger and can help you tow more weight with less effort. So, you can tow bigger vehicles without putting so much pressure on the towing vehicle.

Engine’s Size And Power

The engine and transmission combo can play a crucial role in determining which type of vehicle a tow truck can tow. Compact trucks support four-cylinder or V6 engines. Full-sized pickups support a variety of V6 engines, while traditional V8 engines are heavy hitters. Therefore, the largest V8 engine in the market will have the highest towing capacity.

Wheelbase Distance

The wheelbase distance of a tow truck also plays an important part in towing a vehicle. It calculates how far apart the front wheels axis is from the rear wheels. The wheelbase distance should be properly balanced as it determines the amount of weight that can be distributed and carried on the front or rear axis.

If the wheelbase distance of a tow truck is not properly balanced, that truck might not be able to tow safely.


The aforementioned points are some of the many factors that you must consider when choosing a tow truck. Opting for such safety features will help ensure a safe towing experience. You can also call a towing assistant to help you pick the right tow truck.

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