Top Factors That Determine Your Towing Bill

Towing is a necessity nowadays and quite beneficial when a car breaks down. No one knows when their car will stop working, leaving them stranded on the road for hours. Heavy equipment hauling and towing services come to your rescue in such scenarios and help you get out of your situation as soon as possible.

However, some people think that towing is an expensive service and only those with extra money can afford it. The rest have to get a lift or tow with another passing by vehicle.

But, this is not true. Many tow companies offer affordable and quick towing services and can help you at any hour of the day. However, there are some factors that you might need to consider that will affect the cost of your towing bill. Knowing these points will give you an idea of your estimated towing bill at the end of the day. This blog post mentions those factors.

Distance Of Your Location

The first thing that will impact your towing bill is the towing company you choose and its location. Many towing companies have a wide coverage area and charge according to the distance.

If your place of incident is near, they might not charge you as some companies offer free services within an area. However, if the location is farther they will charge you per mile.

The Type Of Vehicle You Own

The type of vehicle that has broken down will also affect the cost of the towing service. A heavier vehicle will require a bigger towing vehicle or truck to tow it to a safe place. A small truck with insufficient capacity won’t be able to tow your big car. Almost all towing companies charge according to the type of your vehicle.

The Condition Of Your Vehicle

Heavy equipment hauling and special machinery are required to tow a vehicle that has been in an accident. This might slightly increase the cost of your towing bill as your car will be all mangled up, making it harder to tow. So if your car has been met with an accident and its condition is not good, it will require specialized machines that might cost more than the regular charges of a normal towing service. Other issues might be a flat tire, broken windows, oversized tires, or a low profile.

Time Of The Day

Time of the day and labor cost are interrelated in this case. If you call a towing company during late hours, they might charge you more. Towing companies have to pay more to those workers who work late at night or overnight, they adjust their salaries from the towing bills. So, if you call them late at night, they will charge you more than if you were to call them during the day.

Also, only a few companies tend to operate during holidays. As there are limited options for towing companies during these times, those that are available will charge more.

Vehicle Maintenance Cost

Towing vehicles are expensive and require maintenance. Companies have to pay for their start-up costs, insurance premiums, and maintenance charges. All these add up, part of their cost is included in the final towing bill of every customer.

Final Words

Knowing which factors might affect your towing bill is helpful to avoid disputes at the time of paying your bill. Many towing companies will charge you at an affordable rate and provide effective services simultaneously.

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