Top 5 Reasons Spring Driving Can Be Dangerous

May’s arrival can only mean one thing, that the much-anticipated sights and sounds of spring rain are just around the corner. But while we enjoy this wet weather in Calgary, we must not forget that it can present various seasonal driving hazards, like wet pavement, potholes, decreased visibility etc. During these conditions, staying safe on the road is only possible if drivers apprehend these potential threats and know what to do.

To help make your commute safer during this time, below, we mention the top five spring driving hazards and how you can avoid them.


May is the wettest month in Calgary. One should not overlook the hazards of rain during this time. More often than not, rain presents traction control issues, making drivers lose control of their cars entirely.


Rainy days can make road pavements wet, and when a vehicle passes over this road, a thin sheet of water is formed between its tires and the road. When a tire encounters more water than it can scatter, it leads to a condition called hydroplaning, which can make the car lose traction and skid off the road.

Here is what you can do to avoid hydroplaning:

  1. Keep your tires properly inflated, especially during the rainy season.
  2. Slow down your car when the road is wet.
  3. Avoid driving in the outer lanes; instead, drive in the middle one.
  4. Stay away from puddles and standing water.
  5. Pay attention to the cars in front of you.
  6. Avoid hard braking and do not take sharp turns.

Rain And Hail Storms

Nearly half of weather-related accidents occur while it’s raining. Spring hail storms also pose a serious threat to drivers. Small hailstones and heavy rainfall can shatter weak windshields, especially if the driver is driving fast. They also decrease the visibility of the driver. To stay safe when driving in such conditions, make sure you turn on your headlights and reduce your speed. Also, ensure that your tires have adequate tread and your windshield is properly working.

To avoid heavy rain and hail storms altogether, always check your local weather report before hitting the road.


Snow plowing and road salt in areas that get a lot of snow can combine to create potholes. Potholes are large depressions in the roads’ surface that can get filled with rainwater and become invisible to drivers. Driving over these potholes can cause serious damage to your car, leading to its expensive repair. Some of these damages include:

  • Punctured tires
  • Bent rims
  • Suspension damage
  • Poor alignment
  • Exhaust system damage and more

When driving on a rough road, make sure to reduce your speed when approaching large puddles. Avoid potholes and chunks of broken pavement whenever possible. If it is too late and your vehicle is already over a pothole, make sure not to pull your brakes. Braking directly over these puddles can cause your tire to slam into the edge of the hole, causing severe vehicle damage.


Warmer weather means more motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road. Because of their high speed, they may come in and out of your blind spot quickly. This can lead to fatal road accidents.

To avoid this, always take a second look when out on the road during spring. Also, give motorcyclists a wide berth when passing them. If you end up following a motorbike, make sure to keep a safe following distance of at least 3 seconds.

Allergy Medications

Many people in Calgary suffer from seasonal allergies that cause a runny nose, congestion, headaches, and itchy and watery eyes. To ease these symptoms, people often choose to take antihistamines or other OTC available medicines. These medications can have side effects of drowsiness in drivers, putting them at risk behind the wheel.

To avoid any accidents, make sure to avoid taking any such medicines before driving a car. Moreover, always read the labels of your medicine or consult your doctor before taking one.

Spring brings several new hazards to the road that drivers need to be aware of. For more information on safe driving, roadside assistance, or emergency car towing, visit our website or contact us here today.

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