Tips For Avoiding Car Accidents With Trucks

Driving is a tough job, you need to be vigilant while driving on the road. One wrong turn, or move and you can put your life, as well as other’s lives in danger. While driving you may have witnessed a lot of truck accidents. Car accidents often have tragic outcomes. However, collisions with trucks are more fatal and result in horrible deaths.

If you want to remain safe you need to safely drive alongside these big rigs. In this blog we will talk about some tips that can help you avoid accidents with trucks.

Don’t Cut Them Off Too Close

Trucks are usually slower than the rest of the traffic. They are fully loaded which adds to their overall weight. Hence, traffic rules require drivers to drive slowly. If you are behind a truck don’t rush to overtake it. Most accidents happen when drivers try to overtake trucks. Hence, don’t try and overtake a truck unless and until you have a clear view. It’s better to drive slowly than risk your life. While taking over a truck dont cut them off too close.

Avoid Blind Spots

Trucks have extremely large blind spots, so while passing stay away from these blind spots. Truck drivers can’t see beyond those blind spots so, if you are passing from there they won’t be able to see you that may result in a terrible accident. Thus, when passing a truck always pass form the drivers side because the blind spots on the passenger side are much larger. If you are passing from the passenger’s side the truck driver won’t be able to see you.

Avoid Suddenly Breaking

Trucks have a larger inertia as compared to a car since they carry a lot of weight. So, it becomes hard for them to quickly make turns. If you are in front of a truck, avoid using your car brakes abruptly, it will result in a horrible accident. Due to their larger inertia, trucks cannot stop abruptly and will bump into your car.

Give Them Space

As compared to cars, trucks take a longer time to slow down or avoid obstacles. So, when you are following a truck make sure to maintain a safe distance from them. If you are following a truck very closely and they experience a tire blowout, or lose control of their vehicle, you may become involved in an accident. When a truck needs to turn, try to maintain a safe distance, trucks usually need two lanes to make a turn. Moreover, in rare cases, due an uneven distribution of weight they can flip over while making a turn. So, to avoid a collision, maintain a safe distance.

Be Cautious Around Them

Most accidents involving trucks are due to the truck’s blindspots that prevent the driver from viewing the vehicles behind them, but you still need to be cautious even if you are positive that the truck driver can see you.

Avoid Distraction

While you are driving it’s important that you avoid distractions. Whether it’s your phone, or changing a song, any destruction can result in a fatal accident. This isn’t only true for those who are driving around trucks but also holds for all drivers. Distracted drivers are a major reason for such accidents.

Following the aforementioned tips can help keep you safe around big rigs. However accidents happen, in such cases call AAA Towing to help you.

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