Car breakdowns and accidents are common events that everyone encounters. Nobody wants to have a breakdown in the middle of the road, especially if it’s in a rental car. When you rent a car, and it breaks down, quick rental car towing minimizes the risk of additional car damage and lowers the likelihood that you will be held financially accountable for the car’s issues.

Furthermore, you are most likely traveling if you are renting a car. Anyone traveling for business or pleasure doesn’t want to spend the entire trip worrying about a broken-down rental car. It’s advised that you contact a certified towing company for immediate roadside assistance if you ever experience a vehicle breakdown while driving to avoid any safety hazards.

You may have a lot of questions regarding towing a rental car. In this blog post, we’ll tell you what to do if your rental car needs towing and you don’t have any idea what to do.

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Read Your Rental Agreement

A copy of the rental agreement is given to you when you pick up the rental car. You will most likely have it on you. Hence, your first step should be to read your rental agreement. Vehicle rental companies have different regulations for breakdowns and repairs, but most of these agreements have one thing in common: you must do all in your power to limit vehicle damage.

That implies that you shouldn’t keep driving the car if you spot a problem. To adhere to the conditions of your contract, you might need to request towing even if the car hasn’t broken down yet but instead you have noticed another issue that can lead to towing.

Stay Calm And Contact Your Rental Company

When your rental vehicle breaks down, you should first contact the rental company. They will most likely have a phone number for roadside assistance . If you don’t feel comfortable, notify them so that police can divert traffic around the car.

If they are unable to provide roadside assistance at your site for any reason, your next step should be to locate a local towing company. Request authorization from the rental car company to hire a third-party towing company and keep the documents so you can be compensated later.

Contact A Local Towing Company

When you rent a car, you are most likely paying for it by credit or debit. Hence, waiting on the side of the road is wasted money. Find a nearby certified and experienced towing company that can respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offers tow for rental cars.

You should contact the rental company to confirm the further procedure. The rental company will inform you if the car should be transported to one of their facilities or a local mechanic.

File A Police Report If Necessary

There are a few recommended procedures that everyone should take to ensure their safety. You must file a police report to formally document the damage if you need towing as a result of an accident or a crime, such as theft.

Depending on the conditions of your rental agreement, you might need to do this to avoid personal liability. You must also submit a formal report to the car rental company for their records too.

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