Reasons Why You Shouldn't Tow Your Vehicle Yourself

There are many reasons why your vehicle might need towing. Your car can break down when you’re moving to a new city, going on a road trip, or even on the roadside. Whatever the problem you’re facing with your vehicle, it’s essential to haul or transport your car correctly for your automobiles safety.

Some people choose to haul their vehicles themselves and are unaware of the proper guidelines to safely tow a car. Incorrect towing methods can lead to various issues resulting in severe damage to your automobile. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional towing company as they employ only the best tow truck drivers and use highly advanced towing equipment.

The following are the top reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to tow your vehicle yourself:

Inappropriate Towing Rating

The towing rating is the total amount of weight a particular vehicle can withstand without causing any damage. An inexperienced individual might not be aware of the vehicle’s rating. This may result in car damage, like brake failure, suspension damage, exploding tires, and heat exhaust transmissions.

Choose a licensed towing company that offers specialized towing and emergency vehicle recovery services in your area for stress-free service.

Inappropriate Towbars

A towing expert uses various equipment types to successfully tow a car, which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. A Towbar is one of such necessary pieces of equipment used for towing purposes. Most vehicles utilize the same towbar, but it might differ for other cars, and an amateur towing dealer might not be aware of this difference.

Therefore, to ensure your vehicle’s increased safety, you must choose a professional roadside assistance provider in your area.

Inappropriate Tongue Weight

Tongue weight is the towing vehicle’s weight supported by the tow ball. It directly affects the automobile’s steering mechanism. When you apply too much tongue weight, it will be hard for you to steer the car properly. On the other hand, too little tongue weight might make your vehicle sway on one side.

That’s why you should avoid towing your car yourself with another automobile and let the professionals deal with it.

Not Knowing Local Rules And Regulations

Laws and restrictions regarding towing different vehicles vary from one province to another in Canada. Most of them require tow trucks to use safety chains, tail-lights, side mirrors and rear view, and more for a successful towing experience. Additionally, there are maximum limits that one needs to adhere to while towing another automobile.

Towing professionals are well-versed regarding vehicle hauling and transporting rules and regulations in their area, helping them pull a car effectively. Those unaware of these laws might end up being fined heavily by law enforcement authorities.

Specialized Braking System Requirements

A vehicle used to tow another car experiences additional momentum when used to haul another automobile, causing its braking system to become less effective. Due to this, the towing vehicle takes more time when you try to reduce its speed. This makes towing almost impossible to execute if you don’t have enough towing knowledge and experience.

Tow trucks are specialized automobiles that are made specifically to tow other cars. They require a lot of skills and expertise that only experienced truck drivers possess. For this reason, it’s wise to let a towing expert take care of your automobile when requiring roadside assistance.

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