Reasons Why Tow Trucks Are Difficult To Find During The Spring

Although most car accidents occur during winter, spring is not exactly accident-free either. Yes, the weather has improved and the roads are less risky, the impact that most vehicles endure during the harsh winter months of Canada can affect the safety of their drive.

This leads to a surprising amount of vehicle breakdowns on the road. Since most people are traveling to other cities or states to enjoy the beautiful weather, towing companies receive several calls from families and individuals stranded on highways due to their car breaking down.

As a result, tow truck companies become very busy during springtime. Some of the main reasons backing the high demand for tow trucks in winter are:

More People Are On The Road

People wait for spring throughout winter. Hence, the blossoming of the first flower brings the joy of winter ending. As a result, many people begin to pack their bags and plan long road trips.

Spring not only brings good weather but also provides better driving conditions so people tend to drive more frequently compared to winter. The icy and snowy conditions have subsided for most areas by this time, so people can drive longer without any risks, leading to a notable increase in vehicles on the road.

Since there are more people on the road and most of them are on their way to a vacation destination or to meet with their families in other cities, there are higher possibilities of breakdowns. These also include general auto accidents like a fender bender or getting locked out of the car.

After Effects Of Winter

Winter is quite harsh for both living beings and machines. Beyond the inherent risks of driving on ice, snow, sleet, and rain, extreme conditions can wreak havoc on various parts of your vehicle.

Since most people avoid driving during the winter months, any underlying issues caused by freezing temperatures don’t tend to cross their mind until spring. The change in weather conditions topped with the increased use of your vehicle can cause any issue with your vehicle to suddenly become very apparent.

One example of this is that in winter, low temperatures force your car battery to work harder than normal. Hence, when the temperatures rise in spring the fluids in the battery evaporate much quicker, increasing the chances of the battery completely dying.

Similarly, the change in temperature between winter and spring can cause your tire pressure to fluctuate.

Spring Break

People look forward to spring break year-round. It is one of the busiest times of the year for traveling. Students across the country head home or away on vacation while schools take a short break.

To save on cash and enjoy the beautiful weather, most students hit the road. They often travel long distances as they head home for vacation.

Hence, most tow trucks find themselves assisting students that are traveling during spring break, often in vehicles that aren’t in the best condition. The breakdowns are often caused by minor issues like a failed tire.

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