What You Need To Know About Flatbed Towing

Towing services are a savior when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Who else can you call to take your faulty vehicle from one place to another at such a time?. Many people might not realize the importance of a professional towing service and begin to tow their car on their own when something happens with it.

However, a towing company with professional services can help tow the car wherever you want more safely. There are tons of benefits of hiring a professional towing company especially when it comes to towing your car safely.

If you are looking for a towing company in Calgary, AAA Towing should be your go-to choice. We can help you with towing services and many other specialized services.

One such service is flatbed towing that helps tow almost every vehicle. If you would like to learn more about flatbed towing, continue reading this blog. This blog post highlights the details of flatbed towing.

What Is Flatbed Towing?

As the name suggests, in flatbed towing a car is towed on a flat deck of a towing trailer. These decks are a flat platform on which the car is placed to transport from one location to another. The vehicle is secured using several chains and other locks. This is one of the safest ways of towing your vehicle as it doesn’t involve dragging your car or truck behind another vehicle.

Why Should You Use The Flatbed Towing Option?

Flatbed towing is a great alternative to regular towing because it is much safer. There are many benefits of hiring flatbed towing services. Some of those benefits are mentioned below:

It Is A Safer Option

Flatbed tow trailers are much safer than the traditional methods of towing. The tires of the towed vehicle are not put in contact with the ground but placed on the flat deck of the towing trailer.

Moreover, the vehicle is properly secured and fastened using strong straps that don’t move when the vehicle takes corners or turns. No hook and chains are used in this towing method, increasing the safety issues around corners and turns. The towed car also safely fastened, helping to avoid damage.

It Saves You Time

Another reason to opt for the flatbed towing option is its time-saving capacity. Other types of towing services require you to pre-check everything. Even after the car is secured, these towing methods require everything to be checked, which can be quite time-consuming. But, it is a good thing if the professionals check everything before sending off the vehicle.

On the other hand, flatbed towing doesn’t take as much of your time. You just have to move and secure the vehicle to the flatbed of the towing trailer, which doesn’t take much time. Therefore, flatbed towing can be your go-to choice if you want to save time while towing your vehicle and ensure safety.

It Is Ideal For Four-Wheel Drive Cars

The front wheels are lifted in a regular towing process while the rear wheels are left to spin. However, in four-wheel-drive cars, this method can load and damage the transmission. Therefore, a safer way to tow your car is to use a flatbed towing service.

When Should You Use A Flatbed Towing Service?

Flatbed towing is suitable for towing heavy vehicles. It is hard and unsafe to tow heavier vehicles using the hook and chain method, so towing them using a flatbed method can minimize such issues. Moreover, this method is suitable for lowered vehicles as the rest of the methods can damage the underside, bumpers, exhaust, and oil pan of such cars.

Such damages can be quite costly. On the other hand, flatbed towing allows easy vehicle transportation with minimum damage. If your car is expensive, or a classic or vintage one, and you don’t want to risk any damage, it is better to tow it using a flatbed.

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