How Can A Tow Truck Help You Recover Your Car?

Accidents happen, and vehicles get overturned, such rollovers can lead to serious injuries. Turning over is common, especially in over-speeding vehicles. During such incidents vehicle recovery services can play an active role in recovering your vehicle and towing it.

AAA Towing is an expert in towing and vehicle recovery services, a top-rated towing company in Calgary. Our teams are ready at all times for all kinds of emergencies. Our priority is to reach the location of the accident in urgency and get your vehicle removed from the road as soon as possible. We believe that vehicles should be immediately removed to avoid any inconvenience for others. This blog post mentions how tow trucks can be useful for vehicle recovery services.

What Is Recovery Towing?

Vehicle recovery towing is the process of using special machines and equipment to recover vehicles that have gone off-road. Various towing companies offer this service.

When Do You Need Recovery Towing?

Recovery towing is often needed when a vehicle is turned over, especially if it is heavy. For example, speeding buses can fly far off the road and invert due to their momentum. In such situations, towing is the only solution to get the vehicle out of the ditch and take it to the desired location.

Professional heavy-duty towing is designed to be much stronger and more durable than regular towing. As a result, those tow trucks can tow almost any kind of vehicle, be it another big truck or a bus. In addition, they are equipped with special machines to tow all kinds of vehicles.

Heavy Duty Recovery Demands Power

Heavy-duty vehicles are ones that are big in size, heavier in weight, and need more towing capacity. Heavy-duty towing trucks are designed to recover heavy-duty vehicles effectively.

There is a difference between the towing and recovery straps used in heavy-duty towing trucks. The straps used are not stretchable and are designed such that the spread bars and straps distribute the lifting load.

Moreover, recovery towing vehicles have loops to hook freight vehicles and busses. Some essential equipment that is necessary for heavy-duty towing include:

  • Forklift
  • Airbag recovery system
  • Duty wrecker
  • Crane
  • Rotator

The types of vehicles that are towed using heavy-duty towing are:

  • Buses and coaches
  • Machines
  • Trucks
  • Tractor-trailers and more

There are strict regulations for checking the quality of the recovery trucks. For example, the strength of the straps, the condition of the hooks, and the machines’ capability must be inspected regularly to avoid any further serious accidents.

AAA Towing: Your Vehicle Recovery Partner

We are Alberta’s finest towing company providing efficient recovery services for vehicles of all kinds and from all locations. Accidents can happen on the road but what you do after handling the situation matters the most. Having a reliable towing recovery service with you can get you out of the situation fast and save you time.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and direct everyone away from the scene to carry out the operations safely. In addition, we help in towing all kinds of vehicles, from exotic cars to SUVs and fleet vehicles. If you would like to learn more about our recovery towing services , you can visit our website or contact us here


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