What Factors Affect Roadside Assistance And Towing Costs?

If you own a car then you may have at least once in your life gone through the whole towing process. Many people have had very bad experiences with towing companies therefore they don’t want their cars to break down ever again.

This is because most people usually end up calling unprofessional towing companies due to their lack of awareness. These companies ruin their whole towing experience and charge them a hefty amount of money.

Hence after having such an experience no one wants to ever call a towing company again. But if you call a certified towing company you won’t have to go through all of this and your whole towing experience will be smooth and easy.

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The biggest factor that makes people hate this whole towing and roadside assistance process is that there is the notion that these towing companies charge way too much money.

But in reality, there are some factors that increase the cost of towing and roadside assistance.

Hence, we have carefully curated this blog post, where we will outline some of the factors that increase the cost of towing and roadside assistance.

Factors That Affect Towing And Roadside Assistance Costs

Keep in mind that the circumstances and the situation you are in will impact the towing cost.

Each towing case is different from the other as there are many circumstantial factors and unique factors that increase the cost of towing and roadside assistance.

Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of towing.

The Size Of The Vehicle

The biggest factor that affects the cost of towing is the size of your vehicle. Hence every towing situation is heavily influenced by the size and weight of the vehicle.

Most towing companies offer light, medium and heavy-duty towing services to their customers.The rates of each service vary from each other.

The cost of light towing and heavy-duty towing varies because towing a light car will require less effort as compared to towing a large trailer or truck.

But many professional towing companies offer competitive quotes and try to accommodate their clients as much as possible.

Weather Conditions

The towing and roadside assistance cost is also affected by the weather conditions. If you call a towing company on a normal sunny day they won’t charge you as much but if you call them during a blizzard or a storm then they will charge you a little more than usual.

Understandably, the cost varies because during such harsh weather conditions the towing company has to risk their lives to come and help you.

So keep in mind that your roadside assistance and towing cost will be affected by the weather conditions.

Day And Night

Towing services are cheaper during normal working hours but if you call them at midnight then they will cost you a little more.

This is because driving a tow truck at night is difficult and will affect the cost of towing and roadside assistance.

Special Handling Of Exotic Vehicles

It is understandable that handling and towing exotic vehicles require specialized types of tow trucks and skilled drivers.

As these exotic vehicles require a lot of care and attention, towing them is very difficult which is why the rate for towing them is higher than towing normal vehicles.

Towing exotic vehicles is not as easy, so towing companies will charge you a little more than the usual towing cost.

Professional towing companies send special tow trucks and trained professionals to tow an exotic vehicle properly. Hence make sure that you call a certified towing company to tow your exotic vehicle.

Final Word

When it comes to your vehicle and personal safety nothing should be compromised.

Towing and roadside assistance are meant to solve your problems and professional towing companies try to solve the problem as economically and quickly as possible, so avoiding them will cost you more than calling them.

Therefore make sure that you hire a professional towing company whenever your vehicle breaks down.

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